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Rainy day hide-out…


If you are asking me for a rainy-day-hide-out place, aside from Marutama RamenYamagoya Ramen , and some steamboat restaurants, this could be another good place for hide-out on the chill and cool weather day/night – Menya Musashi.




Kanzan Ramen with Original Tonkotsu (Rm 20) was my order for dinner.
Musashi’s original soup with slow cook 100% pork bone broth, served with 2 pieces of Roasted pork, ajitama, spring onion and black fungus and of course, springy noodles (ramen).


The noodles were slurrrpy with QQ texture. Love the flavourful broth so much and I finished up the last drop of soup!


The melt-on-tongue chashu with right proportion of lean meat and fats.


Love the Ajitama, the flavoured egg; pretty decent but my fave ones would be Kushiyaki Kuni and also Marutama’s.


Spicy Kanzan Ramen (Rm 22)
As usual, the condiments served are the same as Kanzan ramen with original tonkotsu. The difference is the additional dash of chilli oil and Japanese herb that create the special fragrant to the broth. The broth with aromatic Japanese herbs was memorable, lingering around the oral cavity.


You can opt for additional of ramen/noodles at just Rm 3, but not the soup though.  


Gyoza (Rm 10) were packed with juicy minced meat and pan-fried to perfection.


Mapo Tofu (Rm 5) was kinda spicy and I didn’t quite like it, still prefer my mum’s home version.


Milk pudding (Rm 5), it was oh-so-mooo, rich and milky


Strawberry Parfait (Rm 12)


By the way, there is another ramen place namely Ippudo. Have you all tried???

Menya Musashi
Ground Floor
No.18-1, Jalan P.Ramlee,
50250 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2181 6199
Opens daily from 11am to 11pm

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Comments (16)

Did ya managed to slurp down the broth to the last drop?…I did…hehe =)

yes, till the very last drop! it was really good!!!

what time it close?

from 11am to 11pm daily 🙂

I love the tonkotsu broth here, super good!

me toooooooo!!! finished up the last drop and buuurrrrp!

it was a cold, rainy day today in KL, with trees falling down near my office. i would have liked to hide out at menya musashi and enjoyed some hot ramen and gyoza! 😀

aha! did you get your fix???

Those noodles look extra springy.

and also the broth is superb!

Wow, didn’t know that this outlet is opened already. I’ve only been to the one in 1 Utama. I really like their ramen, think they’re the best in town so far. And the spirit that the staff put in, very energetic!

this outlet is opened for quite some times already.
i love their ramen a lot too! love the broth and cha shu soooo muchieeee. yum

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