Menkendo Ramen @ United Point, Segambut

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Piping hot bowl of ramen , who doesn’t love?! Especially for the rainy weather like now, a bowl of ramen served piping hot soup along with ajitama, chashu and other ingredients will definitely comfort one’s stomach well.

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Menkendo Ramen

Menkendo Ramen is one of the good ramen options if you are staying around United Point, Segambut area. Even I am from Cheras also ran over to check it out.

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Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen (Rm 29.6)
Fine strands of noodles topped with thick cut of pork charsiu, chopped negi (spring onions), ajitama (flavoured boiled egg) and a touch of spicy miso. We had the pickles, black fungus and seaweed on the side. The soup broth came foamy, rich and milky. Got to know that the soup base is slow-boiled for long hours to stir out this milkiness, very rich in flavours. I am a big fan of tonkotsu broth and I found this pretty satisfying. The pork charsiu was charred and flavourful too! I don’t mind to be back again though the journey from Cheras is slightly far. But for a good bowl of ramen, why not?!

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Beautifully made Ajitama.

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and I like sprinkles of crushed sesame onto my ramen, loads of them.

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More condiments on the table for a touch up in your bowl.

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Goku No Mixed Dry soba (Rm 22.8)
My friend had this dry soba that came with premium egg yolk, spicy meat paste, pork charsiu, pickles, fish paste, seaweed, onion. The minced meat was very well seasoned and spiced. Remember to give a balance stir of everything; it gives you an explosive bursting flavour on the palate. yumz!

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Gyokai Fried Chicken
Deep fried chicken marinated with Gyokai Shoyu Sauce

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I Am Not A Chicken Dumpling (Rm 13.6)
Very direct and cute name it has. Made of pork meat, chives, cabbage, wine, seasoned with Shikomi soy sauce. Very nice and juicy plump dumplings.

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Midori no Life Pudding (Rm 6.9)
Doink doink version of pudding with a bittery matcha flavour.

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MenKenDo Ramen
Unit-G-29,Ground Floor, United Point,
10, Jalan Lang Emas, Segambut,
51200 Kuala Lumpur.

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