Hua Hin Trip 2014: 4D3N Eat, Play & Relax

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No… This was not happened a few days or few weeks before, but happened back in March. I hope I am not late in writing this and sharing with you guys. If you guys are planning for a short holiday just to eat and relax and dream, this could be one.

It is not my first time heading to Hua Hin. In fact, I was there in 2011. As we didn’t do any homework before travelling last time, so this round, I put a little effort, doing a bit of homework before travelling. Anyway it’s purely an R&R trip, no shopping like what I did in Bangkok in June which we had to jungle through the traffic and a sea of people with heavy hunts.

If you have noticed from my summary below, I divided the routes into 2. One day towards Hua Hin town/area and an outskirt place, and the next day in Cha-am area. And yes, you can easily cover all the places of attraction in 2 full days, provided you have your own transport – a pre-booked van to travel round the place.

Let’s check out what I did with the family…

Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4
InKL/ BKK > Hua HinHua HinHua HinHua Hin > BKK/ KL
Breakfast @ Mosaic, Amari Hua HinBreakfast in the resortBreakfast in the resort
Hua Hin Railway Station
Hua Hin Floating Market
Hua Hin Farm
Sam Phan Nam Floating Market
Maruekhathaiyawan Palace Hua Hin (Palace of Love & Hope)
Santorini Park
Travel back to BKK
LunchSam Phan Nam Floating MarketA vintage café restaurant in Santorini ParkBig C & Dairy Queen
Hua Hin Hills Vineyard
The Market Place
Santorini Park
Swiss Sheep Farm (we didn’t enter due to the scotching hot weather but chill in a café next to the farm)
Plearnwan Eco Vintage Village
The Venezia
Flying to Bangkok. Travel 3 hours to Hua Hin.
Check in > Amari Hua Hin
(Wat Huay Mongkol, Big Buddha is located on the way to Hua Hin Hills Vineyard. Stop by if you loved to.)Flying back to KL
DinnerMadamegreen SeafoodJek-Be Ak Seafood Restaurant E-Sann Eatery
Cicada Night MarketHua Hin Night MarketChilling in the resort
Check in > Grand Pacific Sovereign Resort & Spa
StayAmari Hua HinGrand Pacific Sovereign Resort & SpaGrand Pacific Sovereign Resort & Spa


Hand-sprayed tee by the artist at Cicada Night Market


Hua Hin Railway Station



Hua Hin Floating Market



Taking a train ride into Sam Phan Nam Floating Market


With cuteness overload!


Hua Hin Hill Vineyard


Tapas and Wine pairing up here at the vineyard.


Maruekhathaiyawan Palace Hua Hin (Palace of Love & Hope)



As though I was in Santorini… *dream*



But it’s the Santorini Park


Every corner was cute and colourful


Couldn’t bear with the scotching hot weather; we just took some photos in front of Swiss Sheep Farm.


Plearnwan Eco Vintage Village. One of my favourite places. Lots to see.


The Venezia Hua Hin, a rather new theme park with restaurant, shops, 3D art gallery, wax museum, upside down house, western horse carriage and gondola ride. Pay a fee of 50 baht to get access into the restaurant and shops. Additional fee is charged for the other entrance fee or buy the whole package to enter all.

Must Eat:


Yummy hot pot at Jek-Be Ak Seafood Restaurant. So do all the other dishes! Yum!!!


Drove through a very narrow alley, I guess only locals can find this out. We were dining in Madamegreen Seafood which is facing the sea, a place serving really good seafood dishes.


Wake up early for the sunrise before flying home.

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16 thoughts on “Hua Hin Trip 2014: 4D3N Eat, Play & Relax”

  • Hi Ivy, may i know where did you get the van booking in HuaHin. Hope you can share the details of the tour van. We are a group of 10 that plan to stay 2 days in HuaHin and looking to hire a van for 1 day to move around the tourist attractions as we stay a bit far from city.

    • Hi. would love to share with you the info but i couldn’t get the details of van booking as it was done by my aunt’s friend. so, we asked but he just told me that he did that with a travel agent in Thailand.

  • Hi. Just finish visit your post it is a very interesting journey. Actually i will go to Hua Hin soon, however the main thing i concern is how you go to Hua Hin when you reach BKK. Do reply me thank you, your opinion will be appreciate.

    p.s: you can contact me through email as well

    • Hi, we actually pre-booked our transport (van) and the driver took us from bangkok airport to hua hin and travel around in Hua Hin. The price is quite reasonable if you are travelling in a huge group of people (ie: 10 pax) and it makes life easy when travelling in hua hin too!

  • hey there! hope i wont be late to reading this, but i am confuse about how can i get flight travel to hua hin? i’ve been checking in website, but theres no flight travel to hua hin 🙁

    • Hi Honney,

      I traveled Hua Hin from Bangkok by road which took about 3 hours plus for that.

      the only available flight to Hua Hin is from Bangkok. you can try checking out the thailand local airline for that.

  • Hi Ivy, Thanks for sharing your trip in Hua Hin.
    I will travel there in this coming Dec with a group of 9 ppls. Would like to ask you how much the van driver charges if pre-book from BKK to Hua Hin (included round trip) per day?

    Your opinion will be appreciate.

    • Hi Joyce, it costs us around rm 1400+ (per car of 10pax) for this 4d3n trip from bangkok airport. it is pretty costly for a small number of people travelling. But if you have 9pax, its really worth it. Transport is pretty important in hua hin.

    • Hi Wong,
      This is my self plan trip and I planned the itinerary by myself. if you are saying about the pre-booked van, I am sorry that I can’t help with it as the van was arranged by my aunt’s friend. I tried to get the contact but failed.

      so sorry about that.

    • Hi K,
      yes, why not? provided if you have prebooked your vehicle which is more feasible to go round the place. but then, when u arrived at hua hin, it will be quite late already.

      if you are planning to take public transport, then you will have to check out the available time/ transport.

  • Hi, Aiwei, can you send me the details of your van booking in Hua Hin? We have a group of 10 planing go to Hua Hin. Tqvm!

  • Hua Hin is a place of fun and enjoyment. The This land is gifted enough by the nature. I am also wondered by the night market at Chai, the monkey mountain Hua Hin hills vineyard all are some of the most popular attractions there also.

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