The Tokyo Restaurant @ 4F The Table, ISETAN The Japan Store KL

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After my experiences with Sushi Azabu and Anzu, here comes my next.


The Tokyo Restaurant

Also a bar and bistro; filled with a modern and sophisticated ambience. Housed a huge area which can cater for about 180 pax patrons, a vibrant and inviting bar counter lined with an array of booze you can get, spacious dining area with comfy plush sofa and an open kitchen view too. Happy hour is available daily from 11am to 7pm, at buy 1 free 1 deal! Choices of drink come with beer, wine, high ball, mojito and sangria, priced at Rm 30.













To start with the colourful mocktails on the line.
Cranberry Lemonade (Rm 14)
Cranberry juice, lemon juice, soda, sliced lemon

Rosemary Lemonade (Rm 14)
Home infused rosemary syrup, soda, fresh lemon, fresh rosemary

Virgin Passion Mojito (Rm 16)
Passion fruit syrup, soda, fresh mint

Oriental Tea Squash (Rm 14)
Home infused tea syrup, soda, fresh mint


Tofu Wakame Seaweed Salad (Rm 22)
Tofu, wakame seaweed, goma vinegrette, green vegetables, salmon skin, bonito flakes.
A refreshing start for the night, with a light salad that filled with all sort of healthy goods and fried to crispiness salmon skin yet greaseless, dressed up with the goma dressing and finally touched up with the dancing bonito flakes. Portion for dishes here are larger than I thought, which is great for sharing.



TTR Cobb Salad (Rm 24)
Deep fried shrimp, chicken, gorgonzola, summer salad, with tabasco mayonnaise
Another refreshing dish for sharing, especially the tangy spicky kick of tabasco mayonnaise to go with all the ingredients. Never realize tabasco and mayonnaise work so well! That amazing touch of overpowering gorgonzola cheese did a great job to this combo too.



Sushi Roll Platter (Rm 36)
California, unagi eel, salmon ikura. 2 pieces each
Huge rolls of sushi and look at that salmon ikura one, overly dosed with popping-on-tongue fish roes. Freshness overloaded.





Foie Gras Sushi (Rm 40/pc)
It was amazing and I was truly wowed by it. Plated on the pewter plate, this delicate piece of buttery and creamy foie gras once hit on the palate; it gave a beautiful smash to the pearl rice. Slowly, with the mix of amylase, the foie gras covered every parts of the rice. The texture was just too good and I wished I could scream out loud. This sushi is just too good to be shared!



Wagyu Aburi Sushi (Rm 30/pc)
Thinly wagyu slice on a bed of rice, beautifully seared, with that melted-fat proportionated well with the lean part. It was buttery and that hint of wasabi magically spices up this beauty. You gotta try it out and then you will know what I meant.




Grilled Australian Wagyu Steak (Rm 100)
Australian wagyu beef, onion sauce, Japanese mushrooms, ichimi, fried garlic and wasabi on side.
Another surprise done by The Tokyo Restaurant. The stunning looking wagyu beef was beautifully done with pinkish hues in the center, just nice; and on the outer layer, was coated with the sauce and the aromatic char-grilled edges.





6th Avenue Cheese Cake (Rm 16)
Cheese cake whipped cream on top
Fab cheese cake and many said it is the best cheesecake in the city. Which is quite true, and I have to agree with this. It was light and airy, fluffy with the egg-y flavour that one will not forget. I will definitely return for more of this.


Mango Yogurt Sundae (Rm 16)
Mango ice cream, yogurt sorbet, meringue with mango sauce.
A tangy dessert comes with rich mango ice cream and yogurt sorbet, dressed up with sweet meringue and mango sauce.


The Tokyo Restaurant
The Table, Level 4
ISETAN The Japan Store KL
Lot 10 Shopping Mall
Jalan Bukit Bintang,
Kuala Lumpur

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