Palsaik Korean BBQ @ Soho KL, Solaris Mon’t Kiara

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Let’s the oink oink journey continues…
I hope I din overdose you guys with too much pork here. But I just can’t wait to share more of my porky journey and this is quite a new restaurant in KL.

So, this round, let’s follow me to explore the oink oink in Asian flavour.


I first came across this place from my bff who is in Melbourne. One day, she told me she was queuing up (in Melbourne) for the rainbow colored pork belly and sent me all the alluring photos and made me salivated over my phone.

And just last week, I saw a blogger posted about this colourful pork belly and said it was now in KL! I told myself, I must make a visit asap and try them out.


Palsaik Samgyusal Korean BBQ

Palsaik = 8 Colours; Samgyusal = Bacon/ Pork Belly



After Hang Zhou, Melbourne, LA, Osaka and Taiwan, Palsaik Samgyusal Korean BBQ has now landed on our land, KL. Open up few months ago for business, this is definitely a heaven for pork belly lovers as they serve very colourful pork belly (8 of them) by using flavourful marinades, spices and herbs.



Where the colours from; and presented in food therapy.


They offer 3 sets to choose from and I ordered the second set (eight colour set) which is priced at Rm 112++ and enough to cater for 3 to 4 people. It comes with the 8 different kinds of marinated pork, huge plate of vegetables, mushrooms, garlic, beans prouts and kimchi on the hotplate and their special seafood miso soup. Besides that, you will be served with the salad and cucumber slices with miso paste as sides too.


Refreshing Salad with appetizing dressing





Each set also comes with a seafood soup


It turned red after giving a stir


8 slices of pork belly were marinated in different sauces such as Ginseng, Wine, Pine Needle, Garlic, Herb, Curry, Soy Bean Paste and Red Pepper Sauce and each marinades has for their own functions.


There is a sequence to enjoy the pork belly, from light to strong flavours. The staff will place the first four flavours onto the hot pan; Ginseng, Wine, Pine Needle and Garlic. After finishing, they will come and clean the pan with the radish cube and then grill the other four – Herb, Curry, Soy Bean Paste and Red Pepper Sauce.





Personally, I fancy Garlic, Curry and Red Pepper. Garlic flavour was strong and Curry ones was very aromatic, especially the moment it was placed on the hot pan; the air was filled with the curry powder scent. Red Pepper was looking red and hot but actually, it wasn’t. This is the kind of flavour we used to get in any Korean BBQ places. It was sweet and spiced but not spicy at all. Ginseng was in a faint hint while herb was a little like the Chinese herbal soup. The one that was marinated in Wine was tenderer than the others and loaded with a light tang of wine flavour.



Radish Cube for pan cleaning


Shooing away the grease before the next round.




Palsaik Korean BBQ
J-01-09, SohoKL,
Solaris Mount Kiara,
No.2 Jalan Solaris,
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603- 6211 0383
Opening Hours
Monday to Thursday, Sunday 11:30 – 22:30 ;
Friday, Saturday and holidays 11:30 – 23:30

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