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Dubrovnik Restaurant, located at Solaris Mon’t Kiara is the only Croatian restaurant in Malaysia; serving Croatian and Mediterranean cuisine. I was here one day with Sugar, having lunch together. We shared the starter, pasta and dessert. The portions were quite okay and they were meant for sharing.





The complimentary bread and Croatian dipping.


Palacinke (RM 18)
Crepes filled with cream cheese, baked in the wood oven with egg and cream topping. cottony soft and cheesilicious. It was something we found unique and special.


Spaghetti alla buzara (RM 34)
The spaghetti with prawns tossed in a light garlic, parsley, Croatian extra virgin olive oil and white wine sauce. Generous with prawns!!! and we both could hardly finish the spaghetti. Tossed with extra virgin oil somehow made us feel healthier.


Chocolate Fondante (RM 18)
The chocolate cup cake filled with melting chocolate, served with vanilla ice cream and raspberry sauce. This was something we love the most, the warm chocolate filled cupcakes was well compatible with the fragrant cold ice cream.


From all above, We both love the Palacinke and Chocolate Fondante the most. Maybe my tastebuds aren’t well adapted ti the Croatian dishes, I find the taste of the spaghetti was just okay while the complementary dipping was something unacceptable for me.

Dubrovnik Restaurant KL
J-0G-14, Solaris Mont Kiara,
No. 2, Jalan Solaris, Mont Kiara
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel/Fax: 03-62036780

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13 thoughts on “Dubrovnik Restaurant @ SohoKL”

  • the spaghetti is a slightly expensive than what i expected.. lol.. but i guess the the money worth the quality =) i havent try before the Palacinke.. would really like to try it.. haha.. the interior of the shop is very great as well… looks very comfy^^

  • christine,
    hmmm, really ooops, it's kinda not so my thing. a lil too bland.

    it's kinda not so my thing. a lil too bland for me wor.

    it's seems a bit exp but good for sharing of 2 person or more if you are going to order more to try. palacinke was something i like. and it was really special 🙂

  • Their portions are quite generous. But I too agree, that some people might not like the taste of Croatian food. I like it though. ;P

  • uli,
    yep, portion big 🙂

    ^^, dropping by soon?

    yea, i guess so. that's the taste croatian had their cuisine made

    bangsar babe,
    i do agree with you.
    guess my taste buds aren't match the taste of their food XD

  • now that i looked at the photos, i just realised we ordered 1 crepe, 1 main and 1 dessert and that's more than enough to feed both of us. haha, the portion is really huge, that's one good thing. taste wise, i like the dessert. not too sure i would order the spaghetti again though. nice ambience still. =)

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