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Always the tummy warmer during the rainy night

My bff is always a fan of Japanese and Korean cuisine. Whenever she is back in town, we will definitely hit to somewhere and try out a new place/ restaurant. This round when she was in KL, we hopped over for a Japanese shabu-shabu.



I always check out for Korean cuisine when I am in this area. Little did I know, there is this Japanese shabu-shabu place tucked in one corner in Solaris Mont Kiara. Butagoya is considered one of the latest addition to Solaris Mont Kiara. It is manned by the same owner of Kushiyaki Kuni in Plaza Damas, Kuni San.




Complementary appetizer placed prettily on the sakura plate. Ahh, this reminds me of the sakura season now happening in Japan. Again, my dream never comes true this year.


We kicked start the meal with sake, Mori no Kura Jyunmai (Rm 150 – 720ml), made using Yamada Nishiki, the short grain Japanese rice which produces high quality of sake. This Jyunmai has a faint sweetness and fragrant aroma, a clean cut of sake. Lovely, just lovely. Booze is like a must have during our meet up gathering.


Edamame (Rm 12)


Potato salad (Rm 15), a simple yet homey flavour. Gotta get some inspiration from this dish and put into my bento.


Here comes the main highlight of the dinner.
Iberico buta shabu-shabu (Rm 80) that can be shared among two. The staff will demonstrate on how to cook the iberico pork slices. Or, if you are lazy to cook, you can have them service you. The clear soup based will be added with the very special citrus paste. It was something really special and instantly made the soup scented with aromatic citrus yuzu flavour. Butagoya offers other premium pork slices for shabu-shabu too. It’s the Matsuzaka buta which is airflown from Japan but of course, the price is seasonal and definitely more expensive than the iberico pork.


We had some side orders to go with our shabu-shabu too. Tofu (Rm 10), Tsukune (Rm 15) – Meatball, Enoki (Rm 12), Negi (Rm 15) – Leek.


Look at the fresh reddish pork slices of Iberico Buta. *gulp* Tender in texture and adsorbed the citrusy flavour from the broth and finally touched with the crunchy negi. Yum!


And all these ingredients went well with the tangy citrusy Ponzu (Rm 3) sauce. The meat slices went so well with the Ponzu. Just dip on the cooked shabu-shabu pork slices before enjoying them.




Tonkatsu which was so different from the one in Tonkatsu by Ma Maison. Hmmm, maybe different part is used. The texture was tender but pack and chewy at the same time. So much juice retained.


And some small bits to pair with the sake. Bravo to the chef, he made the fried bits with apple!!! Never know that tempura apple slices can be such a great snack to go with the drinks.



I know it is just Tuesday… but we have to get ready for the weekend!

3, Jalan Solaris 2,
Solaris Mont Kiara,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.

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