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Where is the place with all kind of fancy food such as crabs, Japanese noodles, bar, seafood … that comes under one roof? With a cosy ambiance and funky environment which is the kind of place for gathering and get together?!



Means the umbrella; where you may find all the 9 brands, with their signature dishes all listed in under this roof.




I love this kind of concept because we get to have more than one type of cuisine during dine in; be it BBQ, Japanese curry, oyster, and seafood in Cajun flavour… We won’t be stuffed in just one kind of cuisine, one type of flavour.

Below are all the brands available in Brolly
1. Crab Factory: Original Louisiana Boil
2. Ember & Bara BBQ
3. Moley’s Oyster Bar
4. My Wing Man
5. Raksaksa Mirai
6. Nove 9 Pizzeria
7. Vari.EAT.y nibble nibble nibble
8. Bang Bang Baller Bar
9. Sweet Endings


Check out Brolly’s interior too. It comes with a mix and match funky ambience. Colourful and creative. I love the hand washing area, made with car mirror and gasoline hose. So hippy and for once, I couldn’t locate the tap as I thought the gasoline pipe was the tap. *Damn paiseh* but the staff helped me out with it.





You can eat and have fun at the same time too. There is pool and foosball in the restaurant!




Pineapple Marajuca (Rm 15) from the Bang Bang Baller Bar; serves all kind of beverages, including the special concoction of cocktails and mocktails.


For the starter, we get to sample the oysters from Moley’s Osyter Bar.
Fine de Claire No.2 airflown from France


You are seeing numbers in their oysters and yes, it indicates the grade of the oysters. Just a touch of lemon juice and these beauties turn amazing! Fresh and juicy.


But I myself prefer this Kelly’s Gigas Oyster No. 4 airflown from Ireland. These were plumier, juicier and creamier! So yum with just a squeeze of lemon juice. Love it spicier, can have it with a dash of tabasco sauce.



Since we had the crab flavours from Crab Factory: Original Louisiana Boil before, this round we opted for Scallops with Button Mushrooms in Signature Southern Bang Sauce in medium kicks. Plump and juicy scallops soaked up the ass-kicking mild spicy sauce. Very flavourful, when fused with the juice of these sea jewels.


Hush puppies (Rm 9.9)
Homemade golden fried oatmeal balls, the must have item to go with the Louisiana Boil, soaking up the essence and sauces in the seafood bags. Simply addictive.


Cajun Fried Baby Squid (Rm 12.9)
Another addictive piece of seafood, battered and fried into golden brown and coated with Cajun spice.


Baby Backribs with Old Fashioned BBQ Spicy Chocolate Sauce (Rm 70) from the Ember & Bara BBQ.
Here comes the fingers-licking good moment. You will just need to choose your meat (lamb, beef, chicken, and any seafood) and then the sauce to accompany the meat.
Our baby backribs were dressed with the sweet chocolaty sauce infused with hint of spiciness. I was pretty amazed with this creative sauce of theirs.



Comes to Nove 9 Pizzeria, it’s definitely about the pizza. There are 9 flavours to choose from, and the one we sampled was something you won’t get to see it on the floury dough.
Thai Beef Guava Salad (Rm 28)
Ahhh, first time seeing guava on pizza. Paired with beef and chunks of mango, in thai flavours.


Old fashion BBQ Coffee (Rm 18 for 3 pairs of wings) from the Wing Man.
Another fingers-licking good moment! This is the beer’s BFF too! Love its smoky flavours, rich-ly coated on the wings.


Onion Flower (Rm 18) from vari.EAT.y.
Beautifully blooms like the flower. Pair with their special sauce and it is great snack to nibble. Also the best friend of beer too! Haha.


Smoked Duck Breast (Rm 18 for 3 skewers)



Never leave without the Sweet Endings.
Chunky Peanut Butter Granola (Rm 16)
Ice cream and chunky granola, layered beautifully in the Mason jar. Sweet and savoury, the perfect combo as one won’t be over satiated with just the sweetness.


Ribena Poached Pear (Rm 16)
Such an elegant kind of dessert, in the Mason jar. Pear-fectly Ribena poached pear, drizzled with chocolate sauce and touched with the velvety cream.


Ground Floor, Menara Felda,
Platinum Park, Persiaran KLCC,
Kuala Lumpur.
Open daily from 11am til11pm.
Tel: +603 2181 4122

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