Last Project @ Lorong Kurau, Bangsar

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Been reading so much about this place and my cousin highly recommended me, she even did a ‘report’ showing me which are the must order. LOL. Finally I have got my new makan kaki Monica to explore this place with me! Yay.

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Last Project

Located at Lorong Kurau, taking up a lot here on the first floor, Last Project is a fun and inviting space, specializing in hand rolls and yakitori and drinks to go with these items.

Unlike your typical kind of hand rolls and yakitori, they are all come with a playful twist. You gonna see a lot of east meets west elements in their creations.

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This place is kinda small and pack, with a few bar counter seats overlooking how the chef performing their skills in this open-concept kitchen. And there are a few tables seating too. As Last Project opens only at night, there are 2 dining slots to do, from 6pm to 8pm and 8pm to 10pm. Reservation is highly a must to avoid disappointment as the seats are quite limited.

Last Project offers an appealing concoction of cocktails, namely New York Sour, Sake Lychee, Yuzu Sake, Whisky Mojito, White Lady’s and a few more. If you have no idea which to pick up, check it out with the staff, they are very friendly and helpful, explaining on what kind of base they use in each cocktail; they will also give some suggestion if you can’t decide on which.

I love our picks and we managed to score the happy hour deal, with the price of Rm 85 for 3 cocktails. But I didn’t manage to capture their happy hour is until what time. LOL.

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New York Sour (Rm 36)

Monica picked New York Sour at first while I got myself the Whisky Mojito (forgot to take photo), but we swapped after our first sip as she prefer mine more and New York Sour is more of my thing. New York Sour was intense with whisky while Whisky Mojito (Rm 38) was touched with Soju. For the last drink, we took the staff’s suggestion on Yuzu Sake. Oh wow, it was a great concoction of cocktail with light and refreshing end.

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Yuzu Sake (Rm 30)

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Wagyu Beef Tata (Rm 48)
Raw wagyu, spicy sesame, egg yolk, sweet corn, ikura, spring onion, gherkin and nori cracker.
Finely chopped wagyu to toss in with all other ingredients, we gave a balance stir of everything and then placed it on the crispy nori cracker. Love the whole combination! The raw meat was flavourful and that crispy nori taco has got a sprinkle dose of wasabi on it. It spiced up everything! This was a great starter we love.

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Smoked Eel Ikura (Rm 26)
Rice, avocado, spain smoked eel, lemon honey mayo, spring onion, tobiko and tanuki

Hand roll is one of their signatures, so must try! There are 8 choices you can pick from the menu; each of them comes in open-style, served on this curved wooden ‘plate’.

We had the smoked eel ikura that came with a nice balance of combination; creamy avocado with aromatic smoked eel and dressed in that lemon honey mayo and garnished with popping tobiko!

Thinking that it was pretty hard to share one for the two of us, so we ended up ordered two same hand roll. Little did we know, you can ask the kitchen to cut the hand roll into half! Hah! Now I know, next time gotta order different one so that we can taste different types of hand roll.

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Sweet Corn (Rm 16)
Garlic aioli, tobiko and cheese
Sweet, savoury, popping bits, garlicky and cheesy!

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Butter Giant Mushroom (Rm 16)
Teriyaki sauce and shio kombu

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Special Tsukene (Rm 16)
With egg yolk and teriyaki sauce
Plump, meaty and chunky, with creamy egg yolk and sweet teriyaki sauce.

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Tamago Mentai Rice (Rm 14)

There are many more dishes I would like to check out such as Crab Cheong Fun, Weird noodle, L.P Cold Noodle, just that our stomachs weren’t able to fit in more. We shall keep all these for next round!

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Last Project
11B-1, Lorong Kurau,
Bangsar, 59100 Kuala Lumpur.
Opens from 5.30 till 11pm
Closed on Mondays

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