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Unwined Plus

A sister outlet to Unwined KL in APW, Unwined Plus takes up half the premise here in Jalan Telawi 2 Bangsar, located right next to Jaslyn Cakes, serving Asian-inspired cuisine to go with a glass or two, or even a bottle of their pours, truly unwind yourself in Unwined Plus.

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Forest green sign with a wooden heavy door frame. Enter through this wooden door; you will come to a space that is totally different from the outside world.

To me it was as though like walking into the small cosy restaurant at European countryside (that was how I felt at that time). I have to say … I am IN LOVE with the vibe inside here!

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Probably it’s the scent of the atmosphere, or the cosy melody that is dancing in the background. Or the furniture that is painted in green, or the beautiful table setting that is lined with cutleries and tableware and wine glasses… Or everything as a whole.

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It was so cosy, so chilling that I didn’t feel like leaving after the dinner. A superb place to relax with good wine and good food. The menu is may not be very extensive but it covers quite a variety of exciting dishes for you to try with the wine. And the menu changes every day according to available ingredients! Best part of all, the staffs were very friendly and very helpful, introduced us the menu, stories about the wines around and made sure we were comfortable at all time.

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Wine for the night with my usual pick of White and Red for my friend Monica.

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Mizuna, kyuri, pomegranate, pomelo, goma dressing (Rm 24)
A refreshing starter to start of our meal. With greens and dressed with sourish pomelo and pomegranate, then final drenched with goma dressing.

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Oyster fritters, curry aioli, shishito, pickled vege (Rm 42)
The oysters were lightly battered and deep fried into perfection, nicely paired with the curry aioli.

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Argentinian striploin, jus, chimichurri, yuzu kosho (Rm 75)
My favourite dish of the night has got to be this! The Argentinian striploin was just perfectly right at medium, appeared in beautiful pinkish hue, glossy looking on its bone jus. Tender and lovely. Love the charred fats layers as it had some smoky scent. Paired well with the flavourful chimichurri, and if you fancy a different tang, do pair it with a dash of yuzu kosho (yuzu pepper) served at the side.

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Red glutinous rice, red beans, rice puffs, coconut, sea coconut (Rm 28)
Ahhh, a savoury sweet ending that wowed out hearts. It was really good with layering of glutinous rice, savoury sweet red bean paste, and aromatic buttery coconut mousse (?) and finally topped with puffy rice puffs. The whole combination was really surprising, savoury, aromatic, and then savoury sweetness!

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Unwined Plus
7, Jalan Telawi 2,
59100 Bangsar, KL
Opens from 5pm to 11.30pm
Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays

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