Mediterranean with a dash of Asian @ Em by Tedboy, Pudu

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“A place where friends meet for fun board games,
Couples share a candlelight dinner,
Strangers who tell their stories,
Over coffee and adventurers,
Who love to try new cuisine.”

At Em, you can travel the world through their food!

Yes yes, so much I love about their tagline.


Em by Tedboy

This is where Em is, located quite hidden-ly in the city center inside Hotel Transit, Em by Tedboy offers a cosy and casual dining experience to the diners. This round, they have come up with a new set of menu, with captivating flavours of the Mediterranean, but also hinted with Asian flavours in their dishes. = Fusion! Yes, you hear it. Sounds wonderful isn’t it?!






We started off the dinner with some House Pours– Red & White Wine from Chile. The night is never complete without some booze to go along with the meal. *wink*


Asian Tabbouleh (Rm 22)
A fun concoction of couscous, fresh herbs, egg wedges, dried shrimps and salted fish dices; served on a bed of romaine lettuce.
Such a healthy and refreshing start up for our dinner. You might think it looks too “healthy” as in “no flavour/bland”; but no because it was amazingly good! With the help of the romaine lettuce, filled up the couscous and other condiments. So good.



Big Pho Ga (Rm 18)
Vietnamese rice noodles with chicken and bean sprouts, sprinkled with spring onions, chilli, cilantro and basil; served in a delicious hot broth!



Moroccan Lamb Tajine (Rm 26)
Slow-cooked tender lamb shoulder with almonds and prunes; served with couscous and garnished with coriander.
I am not a lamb person so I didn’t try this on. Heard from the others feedback, saying that the lamb was tender and has no gamey flavours, swam in a pool of flavoursome gravy.



Matador in Kyoto (Rm 30)
Valencian paella made with Japanese grain rice, mussels, calamari, prawns, edamame beans, tomatoes, capsicum and spices, garnished with nori strips and served with a lemon wedge. A preparation time of 20 mins is required for this dish. Love how amazingly they fuse Spanish and Japanese together. The flavour worked well on the fat starchy Japanese pearl rice.



Indochina Beef Ragout (Rm 25)
A French inspired Vietnamese beef stew, slowly braised with carrots and sweet potatoes; topped with fried shallots and served with warm fragrant steamed rice.
Beef stew was among all I love. It was very tender and very well-flavoured; the help of carrots and potatoes and brought a lot of sweetness and flavours to the stew.



Silky Carbonara (Rm 19)
Classic carbonara with egg, crispy turkey ham and cheese – silky, not scrambled.


Chef’s Special – Butterfish with Grilled Mediterranean Vegetables and Red Pesto
This is an off menu’s item and available on certain days only. The butterfish was succulent and smooth; pairing great with the special red pesto. How I wish they will sell me the red pesto. It was so good that every praised about it.


Everyone sure knows that Tedboy is all about good bread and yummy pastries. For sure, their desserts here never fail to impress us.


Panna Cotta (Rm 12)
A simple chilled Italian dessert of sweetened cream, topped with raspberry coulis.
Surprise surprise!!! This wowed our heart. We often come across panna cotta that are as hard as jello. But their version was very mousse-liked, smooth and milky! Not forgetting, the doink doink panna cotta was an instagrammable one.


Crème Brulee (Rm 12)
Rich vanilla custard based dessert, topped with caramelised sugar.


Mille-feuille with Strawberry (Chef’s Special)


Sable Mojito (Chef’s Special)
A mojito inspired dessert. That’s interesting. Hinted with a sourish tang of lime and minty peppermint, just like drinking a mojito, except it was in a solid form.


Do not forget to pair them with a cup of tea or coffee.

Em By Tedboy & Bar Transit
Ground Floor, Hotel Transit,
42 Jalan Pudu, Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : +603 2022 2056
Opening Hours: Mon to Sat from 10am till 10pm

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