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That’s how this café presented itself; coated in a purplish hue, and furnished with a touch of black woods and black-and-white family photos on the wall. The whole combination was classy and vintage-y.




The week before her day, we had a meet up here for some tasks on her day.


Perfect Ceylon Tea (Rm 6)
Came with a sand indicator for better brewing experience. 2 mins for White, Green, Oolong Tea and Infusions, 3 mins for Black Tea and up to 5 mins for strong Black Tea.



Cappuccino (Rm 10)
Their “perfect Italian Cappuccino” came with a full and creamy body; with slight bitterness and almost imperceptible acidity, intense flavour white. Beautified with cream colour and adorned with a brown border; with a very fine mesh and very fine holes or none at all. Velvety smooth cup it was!


Escargots (Rm 12 for half dozen)


Love the creamy-ness


“Not Your Ordinary” Chicken Rice (Rm 29)
Free range chicken cooked using mum’s secret recipe with freshly blended chillies.
Quite a pricey plate of chicken rice but I do love the soft and chewy chicken skin.


Chicken & Mushroom Carbonara (Rm 26)
Spaghetti with stir-fried chicken and fresh mushroom in white cream sauce


Magenta Chicken Chop (Rm 29)
Crumbed chicken chop with brown tomato gravy and served with mashed potato. Love the sauce!


Chicken Teriyaki Sandwich (Rm 25)
Tender and juicy chicken leg in sesame bun. The meat was very juicy and tender, drenched with the sweet teriyaki sauce. I wish the bun could be more buttery.


Chicken & Mushroom Quiche (Rm 20)
Chicken and mushroom in a filling of cheesy custard and served with fries. I love their quiche the most! Filled with lots of ingredients  within the buttery pastry, cheesy and fragrant!  


Verdict: Magenta is a great place for hang out and get-together with chit chat session like us. Food wise, they are all good with just priced slightly on the higher side. Perhaps come here for an afternoon tea with slices of cakes or pastries and a cup of hot beverage will make the day perfect.


With the good company 🙂

Magenta by San Terri
G2-42, Publika Shopping Gallery,
Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur.

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