Sweeds Cafe @ Taman Billion, Cheras

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Pockets turn dry and couldn’t afford a lavish western meal at the end of the month, especially the month with so many celebration and events to attend; let’s go for a simple and economy one.



Sweeds Café is the new face that popped up around Taman Billion (an area I would call it as economy steak house area); a casual dining café, serving the mouth watering dishes with the fuse of Western and Asian flavours. Their specialty would be their homemade sauces, namely white sauce, brandy sauce, garlic sauce and escargot sauce.






Italian Style Chicken 蒜头式鸡扒


Red Wine Lamb 红酒羊扒


Chicken White Sauce with Lamb (Rm 29.90)
A mix grilled platter that comes with slices of chicken and lamb; and filled with lots of side dishes too!




Chicken Brandy 白兰地汁烤鸡

Mushroom Soup (Rm 5.50) was a let down, it was a bit diluted. Salad comes with the fuse of Japanese flavour, drizzled with Japanese-liked dressing and topped with wakame (seaweed). We love the Italian Style Chicken 蒜头式鸡扒 (Rm 17.90), tenderly grilled chicken chop and strongly flavoured with garlic. Red Wine Lamb 红酒羊扒 (Rm 20.90) and Chicken Brandy 白兰地汁烤鸡 (Rm 17.90) were good too if you prefer taste that don’t come as strong as the Italian style chicken. Overall, it was a good dinner and satisfied with the price with paid for.


Last but not least, today marks the end of year 2012. 

It’s a brand new day, brand new year tomorrow.

Happy New Year, People!
May everything come great in the New Year! Mwahh!



Sweeds Cafe
18, Jalan Siput Akek,
Taman Billion, Cheras,
56000 Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours
Mon – Sun: 11:30 – 01:00

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