The Palazzo @ Taman Segar, Cheras

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Tucked away in Taman Segar, Cheras (just right opposite the fire station) and I am pretty sure this is a hidden gem for the Cheras folks as well. I always passed by here and I thought, this is the usual place where people get their wine supplies. Little did I know, the Palazzo is more than just a winehouse.


The Palazzo



This is a little place that served more than just wine or liquor. They offer a hearty menu that comes with a blend of Asian, Italian and Spanish. I visited twice with my family and here is the compilation of both of my visits. We reordered some of the dishes on our second visit, especially Signature Pork Chop and Minty and A Little Lamb where they both captured our hearts the most. If you fancy a try on the luxury foie gras, they have it here too!





House Wine (Rm 15)


Mediterranean Bread (Rm 7)
Freshly baked herb bread served with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.


Mushroom Soup (Rm 10)
Earthy, creamy and hearty soup that filled with lots of mushrooms bits, love it!


Golden Cheese Stick (Rm 9)
Cheddar cheese rolled in bread crumbs.



Smoked Salmon Salad (Rm 23)


Smoked Chicken Salad (Rm 18)


Mashed Potato (Rm 5)


Spanish Tapas (Rm 18)
Tomato salsa seated on the salchichon iberico bellota on the toasted baguette.


Smoked Duck Slices (Rm 21)
Delicate slices of smoke duck of applewood scent; very tender, aromatic and flavourful but it can be salty as well if to have it just alone. Great to pair with the mashed potato.


Signature Pork Chop (Rm 19)
Succulent pork steak seared to perfection drenched in sautéed onion gravy, peas and mashed potato. Portion was quite generous, came in with two thick cuts of meat. I find the meat is not tenderized, given a real texture of pork chop and you may need a little of your jaw to work it out. I love this. A dish that is good for sharing so that you can try out other dishes.  



Spanish Harlem (Rm 28)
Salchichon iberico slices with perfectly seared pork tenderloin, and sandwiched in between the charcoal bun. Nothing to shout out about this burger but we heart the pork tenderloin slice and the iberico slices!


Pasta Carbonara (Rm 23)
Topped with mushrooms, bacon, egg, cream and cheese; light and not over filling.


Fish and Chips (Rm 27)
Pollack fillet basked in beer batter and deep fried into golden brown; served along with the homemade tartar sauce.


Minty and A Little Lamb (Rm 32)
Premier grass fed lamb grilled in Mediterranean herbs accompanied with fresh mint sauce.



Ocean Mackerel (Rm 26)
Grilled with aged sea salt accompanied with the special coriander chilli pesto. Tangy and spicy pesto sauce made of cili padi, garlic, ginger, lime and basil caught our attention. Such a perfect match with the grilled fish. Remember to be extra careful with the fish bones.


Squid Ink Pasta (Rm 30)
Squid, herbs and cream with black ink. Time to colour your teeth black. It was good as they managed to mask the squid ink taste with herbs and garlic. The pasta was done al dente but never try ordering this on your date 😛


Smoked Chicken (Rm 20)
Looking burnt??? Don’t judge the book by its cover. Specially smoked in-house with delicate apple wood; served with your choice of black pepper sauce or brown sauce. Personally, I love the smoky hint from the applewood but I find that the portion was just right for a small eater.

Valentine’s Day is just tomorrow!!! Haven’t get a table yet?
Perhaps this can be one of your options for a romantic yet affordable dinner.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!! 

The Palazzo
30 Jalan Manis 1,
Taman Segar,
56100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-9134 2783

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