Loo Loo Casual Dining @ Plaza Damas 3, Hartamas

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Loo Loo Casual Dining (1)

Loo Loo Casual Dining

Loo Loo Casual Dining has been in my “to eat-list” for quite some time. Always heard and read about the delicious fare they offer; fine food at a very affordable price, that means it won’t make your pocket a huge hole! Yay!

As you read, casual dining; you can come in dressing up casually. The premise is pretty simple, painted in grey-ish hue and features a busy kitchen view.

Good to have my cravings satisfied, because it is back to MCO life now. It is time again to hide inside the cave and hope for the best to come.

Loo Loo Casual Dining (3)

Refreshing (Rm 16)
Cold capellini
Prawn, cucumber, tobiko, citrus dressing
Love it! A nice refreshing start with summer-ish feel to boost the appetite! Sweetness from the prawn, the refreshing crisp shredded cucumbers, the citrusy dressing… If only it was touched with drops of truffle oil, it will be extra amazing! Well, don’t get me wrong, it was already a very good starter, but that extra bit may level up the dish, personal preference.

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Buns (Rm 12)
Hoisin glazed smoked duck
Steamed bun, quick pickled cucumber, scallion
Momofuku-inspired bun, but smoked duck version! Soft fluffy steamed bun sandwiching the hoisin glazed smoked duck, so yum! Plus point, Rm 12 for 2, quite a steal!

Loo Loo Casual Dining (18)

Soup (Rm 14)
Fresh vine ripen tomato
Another refreshing yet sourish starter with toasted milk bread and drizzled with basil oil.

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Pasta (Rm 26)
Sweet Prawn
Creamy prawn essence
The pasta was made al dente and dosed with prawn essence, very prawn bisque-liked; creamy and aromatic. However, it was a little bland to us as we prefer it to be saltier. If there was slightly more sprinkles of salt into it, it will be our perfect version of sweet prawn pasta!

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Beef (Rm 48)
Australian marbled beef, medium rare at 54 degree only
Served with crispy potatoes, spring onion aioli, green beans
I need to come here again for this perfectly cooked at 54 degree marbled beef, very tender in the center, with juice oozing out (on your palate) and coated wuth aromatic charred crispy crust layer. They are pretty particular with this, served only medium rare and it was so good! And no sharing for this, I must say (whoever coming with me on next visit, no sharing ya!). I read a lot about this dish, many raved, and yep, they delivered at time of my visit! The potato cubes were awesome, with aromatic crispy outer layer and paired with green beans too.

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Rice (Rm 26)
Squid ink baked claypot
Short grain rice, seafood, seafood and many seafood
LOL, that is how it is described on the menu and we found ours loaded with lots of squid. Yum! We left it there for a short while for the scotched rice or 锅巴to form as we love the crispy bits. If you love those crispy crunchy rice bits on the claypot, this will be your thing. Also, very flavourful too!

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Honey 3 ways (Rm 18)
Fresh honey sponge, honeycomb gelato, salted honey butter, earl grey cream
This is an interesting fluffy combination, light and refreshing with honeycomb gelato.

Loo Loo Casual Dining (17)

Soufflé (Rm 16)
72% dark, cocoa, hazelnut gelato
Dark, rich and creamy!

Loo Loo Casual Dining (2)

House Poured White Wine (Rm 20)

Loo Loo Casual Dining (4)

Homemade Limeade (Rm 10)

Loo Loo Casual Dining
B2-7, Block B, Plaza Damas 3,
Jalan Sri Hartamas 1,
Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 011-2729 7311
Opens from Wednesday to Monday, 12pm to 10pm

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