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LUT Gastrobar (1)

LUT Gastrobar

Located in the happening TTDI, LUT Gastrobar is a playful and high-spirited gastrobar that offers a series of delicious fine food made of high quality seasonal ingredients; presenting mouth-watering dishes with flavours from the West and creatively fusing with the East.

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The premise may look pretty calm from the outside, but once you enter into the restaurant, you will immediately feel its friendliness, its lively vibe.

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As you entered, you will be greeted by an instagrammable waiting area. Feel free to take some photos at this space.

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Walk pass the instagrammable spot, you will find yourself reaching into another dimension of the world. Neon punk lighting with colourful graffiti on the wall, slightly rebellious and yet it is fun.

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The restaurant houses an open kitchen with counter seating where you get to observe the chefs in action too.

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My friend and I were here to check out their Signature Tasting Menu, priced at Rm 388 that fits for two persons. Heard that they offer super value for money lunch course at Rm 150 for two persons too, will definitely be back to check it out for sure.

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Uni Capellini
Kelp, chives, truffle oil
Ahhhh, a chilling and refreshing appetizer to kick start our course. Every strand of the angel hair noodles is scented with the truffle oil; topped with the creamy and buttery sea urchin and a big dollop of caviar. It was so aromatic and refreshing, sweetened with the delicate creamy sea urchin and ended with the briny caviar, leaving a savoury hint with truffle oil aftertaste. We love the start of the course very much!

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Spinach ‘n’ Corn Salad
Rice puff, rocket, miso, sesame
Spinach and rockets may seem usual but this whole combination was something different. The greens is lightly dressed with the house’s miso sesame dressing, touched with sweet white corns and rice puffs, creating a medley of textures on the palate.

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Signature Foie Gras Sandwich
Mushroom, miso caramel, pear
Their signature foie gras sandwich that came in squarish bite size, with mushroom and pear puree and ended with miso caramel sweetness. Creamy, sweet; fatty and lovely. A must order if you were here! My bff and I really love it.

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Confit ½ Spring Chicken
Spinach, mushroom, supreme sauce, tarragon oil
A hearty plate for sharing. The spring chicken was tender and succulent; but somehow it was quite a filling dish for 2 ladies like us. LOL.

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Signature Black Cod ‘n’ Ikura Don
Ikura, wasabi, scallion, furikake, premium Japanese rice
Fatty cod fish slices slept on a bed of fluffy white rice, topped with savoury ikura, furikake, wasabi and scallions. Totally my kind of bowl! Love this rice bowl as an ending to our main course.

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Dessert of The Day
Lemon tart with yuzu strawberry sorbet
Such a perfect match of the lemon tart and the sorbet as the sweet ending.

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LUT Gastrobar
30, Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 2,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail,
60000 Kuala Lumpur.
Opens daily
Lunch: 11.30am to 2.30pm
Dinner: 6pm to 12am

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