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Most of you would have known Atelier Bichotan is titled as the restaurant with the hardest chance to get the seats reservation. The reservation opens only every quarter, only when the clock’s hour hand hits right at the time, you are then able to enter the “clicking war zone” fighting for the seats. Yes, it is like striking the lottery if you managed to get the seats!

But yay! With the presence of JUS Resto Bar, it will be a lot easier to get their signature juicy pork patty burger and also the creamiest kaya toast now!

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JUS Resto Bar

Located in the happening APW, Bangsar, JUS Resto Bar is a Lebanese-inspired bar and grilled, manned by the people behind Atelier Bichotan (yay!) and Wholly Spirits (double yayyyy!); dishing up really good grilled meat for you to go along with glasses of boozy cocktails made by the mixologists behind the counter.

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Burnt Tomato & Strawberry (Rm 30)
Cha-om, chili padi, fermented fish sauce
A refreshing starter! Tangy grilled tomatoes to pair with sweet strawberries, dashed with the spicy kick and savouriness!

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Hamachi Lompe (Rm 48 for 2pc)
Tartare, milk corn
So thankful Jessie shared this dish with me! She being a person who doesn’t like all the green bits in any type of dish, but she was super okay with this! It was tangy and refreshingly sweetness from the milk corn!

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Lebanese Wings (Rm 28)
Muhammara, rosemary
Oh so yummmmy, this one is filled with umaminess, smoky, spicy and aromatic. I really like the smoky muhammara dipping that layered underneath the wings; I mopped it all before giving back the plate to the staff. LOL.

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Mini Triple Cheese Burger (Rm 28)
Angus beef, cheddar cheese
Hmmm, beef burger came melty and cheesey, but it was not as cheesy and juicy as we thought. The patty was on the drier side. Do save it for their mini pork burger for a more satisfying juiciness.

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And I found a yummier beef and cheese burger too, will share more soon.

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Iberico Pork Ribs (Rm 60 for 2 bones)
Szechuan mala spices
The iberico pork ribs were grilled to perfection, tender and pull off bone easily with just the fork and knife. As for myself, I did it by munching it directly off the ribs; it was quite numbing and spicy! Really Ma and La for a while.

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Xiao Long Nu (Rm 45)
Modified longan liquer, dry gin, lemon, umami-enhanced syrup, aer
Kinda syok to have a drink with the grilled dishes, and of course great companion too!

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50/50 Sea (Rm 45)
Pandan infused gin, young coconut syrup, makrut mist, saline

JUS Resto Bar
B-04, 29, Jalan Riong,
APW Bangsar,
59100 Kuala Lumpur.
Opening hours
Wed to Fri: 6pm to 12am
Sat: 12pm to 12am
Sun: 12pm to 11pm
Close on Mondays and Tuesdays

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