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Located at South Link, Fukuniku is a new face here dishing up affordable comfort bowls of donburi, made up of pork or beef hambagu over a bowl of glossy Koshihikari rice from Japan. I was told that they only offer pork hambagu at the moment, will serve beef patties somewhere later.

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Go for classic for the most basic version, with grated radish and special homemade sauce or the signature bowl that comes with an addition of raw egg yolk. Or if you would like a change, check out the other accompanies such as citrus base with yuzu kosho or lemon confit, sour-savoury umeboshi, spicy wasabi zuke or kimchi, melty cheese or even… durian in the pork hambagu for those who fancy a challenge on the palate.

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Fukuniku Lunch Set is available on weekdays only exclude public holidays; serving from 11am to 3pm. Priced from 19.9, it comes with a main course, a side dish and a miso soup. The available side dishes options available are such as potato salad, hiyashi tomato, seaweed salad, long bean with sesame with bread sprout salad.

Currently, they are running a promotion where you can get a DHA pasteurise raw egg yolk or an onsen egg to go with your donburi.

Ohh they serve Ochazuke too, a type of Japanese dish made by pouring dashi over the cooked rice. It comes with Niku (hambagu), salmon, unagi and umeboshi options.

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Glutinous Lemon Tea (Rm 8.9) to quench the thirst from the hot weather!

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Don A (Rm 19.9) with Classic (Rm 16.9 for a la carte)
The Ori pork Hambagu garnished with grated radish and drizzled with homemade sauce, served on a bed of rice. Their hambagu is not the usual tender to bursting-out-juice kind of hambagu. Fukuniku’s version is rather compact in texture yet powered with mega flavours. Very flavourful it is! And yes to the pasteurised raw egg yolk to make it like the Signature, it levelled up the whole combination, smooth and gooey. The egg yolk that drizzled down to the rice, coating each chewy glossy rice grains, so yum!

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Don B (Rm 23.9) with Yuzu Kosho (Rm 16.9 for a la carte)
Pork Hambagu topped with yuzu kosho and served on a bed of glossy fluffy rice. I opt for this one as I am a big fan of tangy-salty kick yuzu kosho. It compatible well with the pork patty! Will definitely be back to check out their beef version.

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ahhh, gooey madness with the poke through the yolk!

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Potato salad that comes with our lunch set was really good! Portion is pretty huge!

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Niku Ochazuke (Rm 22.9)
Signature Ori Hambagu (100g) served with a pot of dashi (clear soup of anchovy broth) and Japanese rice that sprinkled with sesame, seaweed and spring onions. Just pour the dashi over the rice before enjoying as a whole. The dashi was so aromatic and flavourful. One must not miss out trying this one too!

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G-01, South Link,
No. 2A, Jalan Kerinchi Kiri,
Bangsar South ,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.
Opens daily from 10am to 10pm

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