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Read on many reviews across all the social media, be it on IG or XHS, there are lots of mixed reviews on the food over here. Some said great, some were saying 踩雷 (or step on bombs). I came here twice. As for my own experience, the dishes I ordered were pretty good, but there was one of them taste rather ordinary… or OK-ish (read on, I will tell you which).

cc by mel (1)

CC by Mel

Located on the second floor of a row of shop at The Park Sky Residence Bukit Jalil, which is just some rows of shop away from Pavilion Bukit Jalil, CC by Mel is a charming café, serving fusion dishes that are very instagrammable; very pretty and tempting that one will really take times to snap some photos before savouring them.

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As the premise is located on the second floor, you gotta keep an eye on it cos the signboard is very not obvious. I missed locating the entrance for both the times I was there! Reservation is highly recommended because it was quite a full house during lunch hours (both time I was there) and long queue too even on a weekday.

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Americano (Rm 7)

cc by mel (11)

Dirty Matcha Latte (Rm 15)
Signature matcha latte with a shot of espresso

cc by mel (2)

Mel’s Signature Latte (Rm 15)
Himalayan salt, fresh milk, espresso
Just an extremely mild hint of saltiness. If it is slightly dosed in a little more salt, that would be perfect.

cc by mel (4)

Houjicha Latte
Came with a cute bear meringue! How cute!

cc by mel (20)

Aka Ebi Capellini (Rm 48)
Aka ebi, reito uni, ikura, goma tare, dashi foam, truffle oil

cc by mel (21)

cc by mel (22)

cc by mel (5)

Ocean Capellini (Rm 35)
Fresh salmon and tuna capellini with ikura, salmon maguro ebi sashimi, ikura, goma tare and lime dressing, truffle oil

Both their capellini were really good! Love that medley of fresh seafood along with the refreshing goma tare and ended with the hint of aromatic truffle oil. The whole combination was heart alluring. Very refreshing.

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Angus Truffle Bikini (Rm 45)
Truffle aioli, Angus beef slice, brie cheese, brown butter toast
Beef and cheese sandwiched in between the toasted fragrant butter toast, and ended with the hint of truffle scent, running around the oral cavity. Yum!

cc by mel (8)

cc by mel (15)

Trio Taco (Rm 68)
The must have signature three pieces nori taco set: Tropica Nori, Yu Nori (Tuna) and Ebi nori.
Or you can also order them separately.

cc by mel (16)

Tropica Nori
Salmon and tuna sashimi with Japanese rice sandwich by crispy fried seaweed
Dosed with cubed salmon sashimi, tuna sashimi, fresh mango, avocado, tare, furikake, garnished with ikura and encased in the crispy tempura nori

cc by mel (19)

A squeeze of the soy sauce from the pipette gave extra flavours to the rice.

cc by mel (17)

Yu Nori
Tuna saku sashimi, pico de gallo, mentaiko mayo, avocado and encased in the tempura nori

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cc by mel (18)

Ebi Nori
Prawn, braised miso daikon, ebiko, lime, tempura nori, salsa; all mixed with the fluffy Japanese rice and encased with crispy fried seaweed.

cc by mel (13)

Truffle Puddle V2.0 (RM 48)
Conchiglie, truffle oil, grana padono, Japanese egg yolk, brown mushroom and porcini crème, mascarpone, thyme
Ohhh this was really good! It was rich with cheese but not too overpowering, delicious yet light with the stir of the gooey yolk. We seriously love the aromatic truffle oil as an ending.

cc by mel (24)

Wagyu Don (Rm 90)
Australian wagyu, toasted corn, pico de Gallo, roasted onion, Japanese egg yolk, Japanese rice.
We put high expectation on this dish. Sadly, it is rather disappointing. The whole combination was very healthy but way too bland to our liking. The beef slices were pretty in pink-reddish hues but there was a need for a long jaw exercise and it was rather tasteless. The only condiment that was quite memorable one was the sweetness from the roasted onion, but that couldn’t save the whole combo.

cc by mel (25)

CC by Mel
Residensi Park, 2-13, Persiaran Jalil Utama,
Bukit Jalil, 57000 Kuala Lumpur.
Opens daily from 9am to 10pm

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