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That gooey matcha chocolaty madness…

After the authentic flavours from my previous post, let’s savour some new fusion flavour here in


This is a Japanese fusion restaurant which allows you to customize your own maki, mix and match in whatever way you like. It was not my first time here, in fact, I was here for a few times and the end products I mixed and matched out were quite well compatible.


Matcha Float


Matcha Shiratama Float with Matcha Ice Cream


The customizing steps are pretty interesting. Started up with choosing your rice base in between white rice or brown rice; and seaweed wrap or soy wrap.

Then, choose the maki size. The 6-piece small roll (Rm 13.9) comes with 3 regular fillings, 1 toppings and 1 sauce. The 8-piece medium roll (Rm 16.9) and large roll (Rm 19.9) comes with 4 or 5 regular fillings respectively. Top up Rm 5 for premium fillings such as scallops and unagi.

Be creative in customizing your unique rolls. There are a variety of fillings, toppings, and sauces for you to choose from. Mix and match them in any way you like and any way can be possible.


Jeng jeng jeng, our customized maki. We went a little greedy to stuff in whatever we want. It was quite a surprising combination we mixed and matched.


If you are the indecisive kind of person, you can choose the house rolls on the menu. Save the hassle of brain cracking choosing the condiments going into your roll.


Sweet & Spicy Prawn (Rm 25.9)
Uramaki, seaweed, white rice, Japanese cucumber, ebi prawn, crispy coral lettuce, boiled egg, bird’s eye chili with sweet and spicy sauce. Wow, no joke. Just look at the bird’s eye chili loaded in, this was very fiery and we sweated a bucket on this. But for those who fancy spicy foods, here is something for you.



>Slammin’ Salmon (Rm 19.9)
This is an amazing maki, must order if you were here. The maki was packed with salmon, tamago, topped with salmon, garlic mayo and chopped spring onion. It just melted in mouth once pop the whole thing in. It was creamy and smooth, mainly due to the garlic mayo and the jam-packed omega 3 salmon.


Spicy Prawn Burger (Rm 18.9)
Succulent prawns drizzled with spicy sweet sauce, crunchy iceberg lettuce layered in seasoned rice topped with ebikko and spring onions.



Katsu Chicken (Rm 15.9)
Boneless chicken thigh deep fried in seasoned breadcrumbs and served with special katsu sauce.



Teriyaki chicken (Rm 15.9)
Teriyaki glazed charbroiled chicken.


Chicken Karaage Waffle (Rm 18.9)
Deep fried kimchi flavour chicken served with golden brown waffles and a rich cream sauce. We normally will get both waffle and karaage separately but Okonomi has plated them in 1 dish. A fancy dish that is good for sharing as I find the buttery cream sauce is too rich to have it all by own.




You can customize your own soft serve too! Have the soft serve (Rm 8.9) in the cone bowl or wide cone, then topped it up with available toppings at Rm 2 each toppings



Choc & Matcha Mixed Lava Cake (Rm 21.9)
This is the best evolution of their lava cake ever. They used to have the matcha only version which I found it lack of ohmmp and slightly on the sweeter side. But this one, really wow-ed us. Inside the matcha flavour case was the gooey madness rich chocolaty lava. cut open and the lava just leak out. That bittery chocolate and aromatic matcha combination was something irresistible.



Who doesn’t love?!

A4-G2-02 Solaris Dutamas,
No.1 Jalan Dutamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Opening hours: 10 am till 11pm, daily

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