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Suddenly found many backlogs in my archives, I think I gotta pen my experiences down before this year ends! LOL.

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Shiki Omakase

Located a few doorsteps away from Red Bean Bag , Shiki Omakase is one that offers you a modern Japanese Dining Omakase experience in this sophisticated and elegant looking dining space; equipped with a wall that comes with beautiful modern art installation of the Mount Fuji with four lovely colours.

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Shiki Omakase offers Kappo Omakase and Sushi Omakase, with menu changes according to the seasons.

We went for Sushi Omakase. We ordered the FUYU course that was priced at Rm 288 (March 2022), comes with 3 types of appetisers, 3 types of sashimi, Chawanmushi, Hot dish, 6 pieces of sushi, Soup and ended with a Dessert. As this was a backlog post (I dined-in in March 2022, lunch), so menu and price may have already changed.

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It was quite a unique experience to dine in here. The sequence of the dishes was not running as accordingly to what have written on the menu. Continue reading and you will see that we were served with a mixture of sushi, sashimi and a hot dish in between. It was quite exciting as you wouldn’t know what’s coming up next. According to Chef Ronnie, that’s the new Tokyo omakase style.

I also noticed that Shiki Omakase uses quite a number of microgreens in their creation. Some microgreens would be quite a punch on the palate. Sushi purists may have to think twice dining in here as you may not get as what you have imagined or expected.

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First thing first, sake. Picked up this bottle Kid Junmai that is made with Yamadanishiki Japanese rice, comes with a lovely sweet floral scent.

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I always like the idea where we get to choose our favourite sake cups.

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That day, we have Chef Ronnie in action. Chef was pretty humorous so our whole dining experience was quite an entertaining one.

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Started off our appetiser with the Hotaru Ika (firefly squid).

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Robinson Fish wrapped up the thinly sliced myoga (Japanese ginger), topped with wasabi. Chef made us to try one in its natural flavour, and another one with soy sauce.

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Kinmedai with a type of herbs (sorry, I didn’t get the name).

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Baby Sea Bream with a light sprinkle of Himalaya salt, a soft squeeze of calamansi lime juice and topped with grated radish.

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Ikura Chawanmushi with yuzu zest

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Fugu Tofu with plum sauce

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Refreshing jellyfish with some microgreens

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Maguro shoyu zukke with orange zest

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Black Sea Bream and topped with hojiso flower.

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Hot dish was the Suzuki fish with the special mustard sauce, served with gobo (burdock), daikon (radish) and walnut anchovies

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Sea bream’s fish roe; and we were informed that this was from the Golden Snapper.

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Hirame, topped with Flounder fin’s liver, and pairing with the microgreen spring onions, and to have it with soy sauce.

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Chutoro, Murasaki Uni
This was the crowd’s favourite, layered with flavours, fatty and sweet at the same time, lingered around our oral cavity. We wished to encore, but gotta save up our pocket for next meal.

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Engawa handroll

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Clear Soup

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Dessert came with melon and ice cream.

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Good food, great company with these people!

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Shiki Omakase
05, Block A4, No, A4-U1,
1, Jln Solaris Dutamas,
Solaris Dutamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Opening hours:
Lunch: 12pm to 2.30pm
Dinner: 6pm to 10.30pm
Closed on Mondays

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