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Sushi Azabu Xmas (10)

I can still remember, Year 2020 Azabu’s Sushi X Sake special event was very good and memorable one. Hence, when there was this Xmas special event ads popped up last December, I told my partners-in-crime, let’s do it again!

My first experience with Sushi Azabu
The STEAL Hanakago Lunch Set
Sushi X Sake Vol. 1

Sushi Azabu Xmas (8)

There were 2 menus for the special night – Xmas Azabu priced at Rm 380+ and Xmas Omakase priced at Rm 680+. As our pockets were pretty tight, we opted for the Xmas Azabu menu that comes with an appetizer, grilled dish, chawanmushi, nigiri, miso soup and dessert, and… a special Christmas gift.

Sushi Azabu Xmas (2)

It was my one and only sushi meal for year 2021, I was quite excited and anticipated for it. Moreover, with my awesome experience in 2020’s Sushi X Sake special event, I was really really looking forwards it… but… the experience was not what I expected. There were hits and misses throughout the course. Not to say very disappointing but rather not satisfying. The neta for the night were quite interesting, but it couldn’t save the meal’s experience (that’s my personal opinion). The sushi were very small and tiny and the neta were all thinly sliced. The shari was still flavourful, but it was soft and not firm. Chef noticed my expression (I guessed) when I first popped in the sushi, he was trying to save the next few. He put in efforts and did his best, I appreciated that very much.

Sushi Azabu Xmas (3)

X’mas Azabu

Sushi Azabu Xmas (4)

Xmas Special Appetizer
Hijiki, edamame, tofu sauce; stewed sword fish

Sushi Azabu Xmas (6)

Sushi Azabu Xmas (5)

Sushi Azabu Xmas (7)

Chawan Mushi
Steamed egg that served piping hot, very smooth and silky

Sushi Azabu Xmas (9)

Grilled Botan Ebi with miso

We headed off next with 10 pieces of Nigiri

Sushi Azabu Xmas (11)

Shima Aji

Sushi Azabu Xmas (12)


Sushi Azabu Xmas (13)


Sushi Azabu Xmas (15)


Sushi Azabu Xmas (14)

Sushi Azabu Xmas (16)

Love the nori piece they were using! As chef opened the bag of nori, the whole room filled with the aroma of nori, very aromatic its umami-ness.

Sushi Azabu Xmas (17)

Ankimo (monkfish liver) in ponzu sauce.

Sushi Azabu Xmas (18)


Sushi Azabu Xmas (19)


Sushi Azabu Xmas (20)

Kaki (Oyster), topped with yuzu pepper. Love this!

Sushi Azabu Xmas (21)

Shime saba , marinated with vinegar for 3 days, topped with transparent thin kelp.

Sushi Azabu Xmas (23)


Sushi Azabu Xmas (22)

Sushi Azabu Xmas (25)

Kanpyo maki – wintermelon sushi roll, as delicious as usual.

Sushi Azabu Xmas (26)

Miso Soup

Sushi Azabu Xmas (27)

We got to sample this ichigo daifuku before the real Xmas dessert
Ichigo daifuku with white bean paste . Love it! The outer layer was Q Q and soft mochai skin, layered with slightly sweet white bean paste and sourish strawberry in the center. Love this whole combination a lot!

Sushi Azabu Xmas (28)

Xmas Dessert
Mitarashi Ice Cream to pair with houjicha
A nice dessert to end the meal! A dash of sweet soy sauce worked wonder on the ice cream and the mochi skin, side with nutty nuts.

Sushi Azabu Xmas (29)

Sushi Azabu Xmas (1)

Sushi Azabu @ The Table
4th Floor, Isetan The Japan Store KL
Lot 10 Shopping Centre,
50, Jalan Sultan Ismail,
50250 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2119 2624
Operating hours:
Tuesday to Sunday: Lunch – 12pm to 2.30pm; Dinner – 6pm to 10pm
Closed on Mondays

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