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Saw this place from social media ads quite often during last December. We decided to make a visit for a “French feel” dinner and it turned out to be quite a remarkable one. So glad to have this bunch of friends who enjoy trying out new dining places together.

Brasserie Léon (21)

Brasserie Léon

Located inside the Green Terrace at TTDI, Brasserie Léon offers an authentic French dining experience to diners, serving Parisian brasseries’ classics such as baked escargot with garlic and herbs butter, rillettes, Steak Frites, poached pear, crème brulee, and you may even find melted raclette cheese and cheese fondue here!

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Brasserie Léon  (5)

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Brasserie Léon  (9)

Brasserie Léon (20)

Brasserie Léon  (10)

First thing first, wine to start off our dinner.

Brasserie Léon  (11)

Baked Shell-less Escargots (Rm 24.9)
Half dozen pieces baked in “”beurre d’escargots”
The season garlic butter was so aromatic; how I wish to have some bread to mop clean this garlic butter.

Brasserie Léon  (13)

Brasserie Léon’s Sunday Night Special – Cheese Fondue. Their cheese fondue is made with gruyere and raclette cheese, served with cut homemade bread, baked confit potatoes, gherkins and pickled onions. We had the Traditional Fondue (Rm 39.9 per 100gram, with minimum order of 200gram) and a top up of Rm 5 for each 100gram of cheese for the additional of wine into our cheese fondue (this is a must! Haha).

Brasserie Léon  (12)

Brasserie Léon  (14)

Allow the bread and potato to soak up the cheese. It was so aromatic, cheesey, savoury with gooey madness. It literally brought me back to the time I had Cheese Fondue in Switzerland ! The aroma itself came in a good light stinky way (which was what it meant to be), perhaps some may not enjoy the aroma so much but I love it!

And I love dipping the later fries into this cheese fondue! Yumz!

Brasserie Léon  (17)

Black Angus Beef (Rm 129.9)
Steak Frites is Brasserie Leon’s signature main course, served with homemade French fries, mesclun salad and herb’s and butter signature sauce or French peppercorn sauce (we opted for this). The steak came sliced thinly, done right at medium, tender and it worked a great sharing dish with the ladies!

Brasserie Léon  (19)

Brasserie Léon  (16)

Brasserie Léon  (15)

Brasserie Léon  (18)

Mussels A La Léon (Rm 65.9)
Mussels infused broth, cream, Dijon mustard, garlic, parsley and additional of white wine at a top up of Rm 12.9.

Brasserie Léon  (1)

Summer Vacherin Glace (Rm 25.9)
French meringue, vanilla ice cream, Chantilly, raspberry coulis
Light and airy meringue and ice cream stacked up a like a tower and side with sprinkles of pistachio slices and raspberry coulis for us to drizzle.

Brasserie Léon  (3)

Poire Belle-Helene (Rm 29.9)
Poached pear in aromatic syrup coated in chocolate sauce and crushed pistachio
Ohhhh this was such an elegant dessert! Poached pear beautifully coated with the chocolate sauce and crushed pistachio, touched with a dollop of cream and gold leaf. So beautiful.

Brasserie Léon
1-1, Greens Terrace,
Jalan Wan Kadir 3,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail,
60000 Kuala Lumpur.
Open daily for dinner from 5.30pm to 11.30pm (Closed on Tuesdays)
And brunch on the weekend and PH only from 11am to 3pm

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