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Cassis Restaurant

Located at the first floor, just one shop away from LUT Gastrobar , Cassis Restaurant is a sophisticated fine dine place that serves Japanese-French inspired dishes that are not just beautiful for the sight but also tantalizing to the tastebud.

On one of the Thurs-dates, I was here with my bff to try out their 4-course Lunch Menu where we find it quite a steal, being seated in such an environment, enjoying our lunch in a ‘tai-tai’ way, yet it wouldn’t cost so much to the wallet.

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Once pushing through the entrance, you will be greeted by the friendly wait staff and they will lead you to your seat.

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Beautiful lux-looking fair white setting, with classy marble flooring.

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And that chandelier is extremely elegant.

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4-Course Lunch Menu

Priced at RM 188 per pax
Comes with a coffee or tea

To start

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We were presented with an array of bread, arranged neatly in the bread basket and served along with a Truffle Butter, Plain Butter, and Chicken Liver Mousse with Drunken Raisins.

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Truffle Butter to go with bread is always yum. Love it.

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What’s more when there is smooth chicken liver pate with jelly cubes that is lightly loaded with alcohol and ended with a hint of berry sweetness.

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Asparagus with crab, ikura, oyster cream

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Tiger prawn with pickled vegetables and thousand island

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Tuna Tartare with rice cracker

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Smoked salmon with melon and cucumber

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Duck croquette with persimmon and avocado mousse

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Basil & White wine Steam Clams
Ohhh, I like this. Feel like mopping off the broth with the bread, that broth has got lots of clam essence!


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Wild Mushroom Soup
With truffle & Foie gras (supplement Rm 48)
Creamy and rich earthy wild mushroom soup hinted with aromatic truffle and hidden inside were cubes of fatty foie gras and mushrooms. We found this good for sharing as it was quite rich. Also, we really love it with our bread too!

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French Onion Soup with Puff Pastry ‘n’ Gruyere
On the other hand, this was lighter in texture but dosed with natural sweetness of the onions, compatible well with the buttery puff pastry and shredded rich gruyere cheese.

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Australia Black Angus Ribeye Cap
Cauliflower, spinach, mushroom, potato, wild garlic
This Black Angus ribeye cap was made to our perfection, medium rare, beautiful in red hues, it was coated with the aromatic charred edges and that jus, was indeed rich and flavourful.

Alternatively, you may opt for an upgrade to Miyazaki A5 Sirloin (supplement Rm 180)

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Grilled Wild Caught Coral Trout
Abalone, kaffir lime, ambarella, fish sauce caramel

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Here comes the dessert time, and they are beautifully presented in a tray, like a quick afternoon tea after the mains. Well, we finished off our mains at around 2pm and that’s the perfect time for afternoon tea!

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Diners will be given a choice of tea or coffee to go with the dessert. There is plenty of tea for the tea selection, so make your pick!

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So dainty and pretty.

We were then advice to start our dessert platter with Earl Grey Jelly for the first one due to its light fragrant tea flavour, then moving towards the Raspberry Vanilla Mille Feuille, Hazelnut Cube, Cempedak Choux and ended with the rich chocolate truffle.

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Earl Grey Jelly with Vanilla Cream
Love this tea jelly; lightly hinted with the earl grey and topped with frothy vanilla cream.

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Raspberry Vanilla Mille Feuille
Ahhh, we love this most! Crispy layers of flaky puff pastry layered with sourish fruity raspberry vanilla cream.

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Hazelnut Cube
Rich and creamy hazelnut cube but slightly on the sweeter side.

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Cempedak Choux
Puffy choux with cempedak cream filling.

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Valrhona Chocolate Truffle
Always the perfect sweet ending, bitter sweet.

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Every diner will get to walk home with a small pouch that is filled with cookies. I love that matcha sable, so buttery with matcha aroma and light bitter taste, perfect to go with coffee or tea. Hope these will be on sales in near future!

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I have to compliment, the staff here can take really good photo!

Cassis Restaurant
1st Floor, 32A, Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 2,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail,
60000 Kuala Lumpur.
Lunch: 11.30am to 3pm
Dinner: 6.30pm to 12am

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