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I didn’t know the existence of this place until the frequent posts up on social media, and also my cousin told me about how wow it is their food in the sister restaurant, Raw Kitchen Bar in Singapore. So, together with my bff, we made our way here in mid of November, to check out their dishes.

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Raw Kitchen Hall

Located at the ground floor in Else Kuala Lumpur, a new small luxury hotel in the city center, Raw Kitchen Hall offers a series of Latin-Asian dishes that are bursting with flavours. The menu is pretty short and simple; easing us to pick up what we wanna try easily.

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Sparkling (Rm 44)
Roches Neuves Bulles
Chenin Blanc, France

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White Wine (Rm 44)
Alain Brumont Blanc
Gros Manseng, France

Price can be really steep for the drinks, their cocktail’s price shock me off. LOL. However, that’s something we need for a long due date. So, white wine for her and sparkling wine for me, that’s how we usually engine up our sisters’ date. We chatted nonstop from once we were seated down till leaving; almost the very last few table to leave. Too many to talk about.

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Creamy Ricotta (Rm 29)
Charred grapes, candied sunflower seeds, spiced crisp tortilla
We love this sharing starter. The grapes were smokey with charred flavours, blending well with the creamy ricotta cheese, and crispy bites of sunflowers seed and tortilla crisp. The whole combination is layered with textures as well as flavours. Really an interesting starter and we made a great choice going for this.

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Black Mamba (Rm 58)
Tiger prawns, fermented chili sambal, squid ink sofrito, egg yolk
The must have and it is found almost on every table, a photogenic dish with contrasting black colour rice and the vibrant orangey tiger prawn and the bright-lively yellow egg yolk. We were instructed to give a balance stir before enjoying. Wow, I must say, this was good! Every grain was coated with the runny yolk, and punched with the aromatic and flavourful fermented chili sambal. Too delicious with mega flavours!

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Grilled Broccoli (Rm 24)
Pomegranate, coriander-cashew cream
Carnivores us don’t usually order vegetables when dining out. However this is highly recommended by my cousin so we gotta give it a try. No regret ordering this as it tasted special pairing grilled broccoli with the coriander-cashew cream, and touched with the sweet juicy bits of pomegranate.

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Strawberry Tart (Rm 38)
Whipped rum cream, lime zest
We ended out meal with this huge tart, decorated with sliced strawberry and a huge dollop of whipped rum cream, and tang up with the refreshing lime zest. Good for sharing as this tart was huge.

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With the bff. Good food, great company. Till our next date again!

Raw Kitchen Hall
145, Jalan Tun H S Lee, City Centre,
50000 Kuala Lumpur.

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