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Tono Izakaya 遠野居酒屋

Situated at the quieter neighbourhood in TTDI, sharing the same row with Sachi , Ikiya and Bref, Tono Izakaya is the modern izakaya that takes up the far corner end lot on the same row, serving izakaya dishes that comprised of starters, sushi, sashimi, yakitori, rice don, sando, and house’s specialty dishes.

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This space is very lively, filled with lots of fun and quirkiness. The premise is neon red-filled; there is an overhead installation in brightly lit wordings in Japanese language. There is also a bar counter overlooking the chefs in action, busy preparing the mouthwatering dishes for the diners.

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For lunch, aside from the usual menu, they offer set lunch that comes at quite a deal. Options for the main dishes are such as Saba, Chirashi Don, Prawn Tempura Don, Chicken Teriyaki, Negitoro Ikura Don and many more. All set lunch are come with miso soup, appetizer, chawanmushi, pickles and dessert.

We wanted to order some yakitori but sadly, yakitori is not available at lunch but only dinner. There are different promotions every month, so do check out on their IG for the latest promotion.

I had some hard time taking nice photos here at the table area, so do bear with my mostly reddish-coloured dishes in this post. If you wished to have better nicer photos on the dishes or yourself, please pick counter seats.

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Clearwater Cover Sauvignon Blanc (Rm 38)
Buy 1 free 1 glass at time of my visit! Of course this definitely comes to my “first thing first”!

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Jujube Tea (Rm 8) and Honey Yuzu (Rm 8)

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Sando Unagi (Rm 28)
Buttery toast sandwiched the unagi and cucumber, the whole combination was very kinda buttery, soft fluffy and crisp!

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Chicken Karaage (Rm 6 per piece)
Ohhhh, one must not miss out this super delicious chicken karaage which is something really different from the typical karaage in terms of flavour and its shape. It is made into boxing chicken style, perfectly seasoned and battered, deep fried into perfection, super crispy skin with juicy meat.

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Engawa Ikura Lunch Set (Rm 48)
Fatty buttery aburi-ed engawa layered on a bed of flavourful rice, topped with ikura and garnihsed with cucumber slices, seaweed and chopped spring onions. Greasy yet addictive!

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Prawn Tempura Lunch Set (Rm 48)
Their ebi tempura(s) were way so good! The prawns were really fresh and huge, lightly battered and deep fried into perfection. This set comes with 3 huge prawns and a huge serving of rice under the prawn tempura! They are not stingy at all! Portion is really huge!

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The 2 set lunches above were completed with the appetizer, miso soup, chawanmushi, pickles and dessert as shown below.

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Appetizer – potato salad

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Tono Izakaya
30, Lorong Datuk Sulaiman 1,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail,
60000 Kuala Lumpur.
Opens daily for lunch and dinner

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