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L’Atelier by Cilantro  (3)

Love this newly introduced lunch concept at L’Atelier by Cilantro Restaurant & Wine Bar, offering the fine French bistro cuisine and they have this lunch set menu which is very pocket friendly and also very value for money!

I was here for twice for their set lunch, the visits were one month apart; and here is the compilation of both visits.

Set Lunch

RM 120 nett for 2-course lunch
MR 150 Nett for 3-course lunch
Available on Tues to Thurs

Weekend is priced slightly higher; at Rm 140 nett for 2-course lunch and Rm 170 nett for 3-course lunch. I still find it quite value for the money for those who couldn’t make it on the weekdays. Menu wise, there are plenty of options to pick up from each category.

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L’Atelier by Cilantro  (26)

First thing first, wine to start. Wine list here is pretty extensive, with about 10 selections for the house pour and each of them comes with wine by glass and carafe. Also, they have bottles that are priced really reasonable ranging from Rm 84 to Rm 116; in white, red and rose. Let’s do a bottle at lunch, why not? I guess not many fine place offer wine deal like this.

L’Atelier by Cilantro  (22)

Borsao Chardonnay & Maccabeo 2022 (Rm 87)
From Aragon, Spain with aromas of elderflower, vanilla and tropical fruit with a fresh ending.

L’Atelier by Cilantro  (25)

Anakuna Sauvignon Blanc 2021 (Rm 84)
From Central Valley, Chile with flavours of white peach, pineapple, citrusy.

L’Atelier by Cilantro  (5)

Complementary bread and butter to start the meal, cutely blanketed upon serving to preserve its warm temperature.


L’Atelier by Cilantro  (24)

Escargot De Bourgogne
Snails baked with garlic herbs butter
Couldn’t resist the aromatic flavour from the garlic and herbs, so I mopped clean the garlicky herbs butter with my bread!

L’Atelier by Cilantro  (10)

OS A Moelle Au Four (supplement Rm 20)
Roasted bone marrow with jus
O-m-g, they did this so well! The collagen-liked bone marrow was very flavourful, luxurious and very rich in its charred roasted flavour! Soooo good… my only small complaint was that the slices of crispy thin baguette toasts were too countable. LOL! Try not to skip this if you are here in L’Atelier!

L’Atelier by Cilantro  (12)

L’Atelier by Cilantro  (28)

L’Atelier by Cilantro  (8)

Terrine de Foie Gras (supplement Rm 30)
Marinated duck liver, dry fig and walnuts and consommé jelly
Velvety smooth duck liver, topped with little fig, or nuts, or jelly on the crispy thin toast; and take a sip of white wine! Ahhh, life is best!

L’Atelier by Cilantro  (6)

L’Atelier by Cilantro  (14)

Plat Principaux

L’Atelier by Cilantro  (16)

Confit de Canard
Crispy French duck leg confit, cherry compote, jus and mixed salad.
A very classic French dish and it really wow-ed my heart. Very crispy skin while the duck meat inside was very tender and succulent juicy. Wow! How did they do this?! Too delicious.

L’Atelier by Cilantro  (18)

L’Atelier by Cilantro  (17)

Coq Au Vin
Free range chicken braised in red wine and mushrooms
Another delicious classic French dish that one should not miss. Very rich and bursting with flavours, aromatic and the chicken was still very tender and juicy!

L’Atelier by Cilantro  (15)

Fillet de Sole Poele
Pan fried sole fillet with noisette butter and fine beans

L’Atelier by Cilantro  (33)

Steak Frites (supplement Rm 50)
Char grilled Angus, fries and salad
Simple steak and fries and some greens. We opted for medium but found it slightly overdone, just a little. Still a great steak and that herbs butter spiced up our steak!

L’Atelier by Cilantro  (31)

L’Atelier by Cilantro  (30)


L’Atelier by Cilantro  (20)

Crepe Suzette
Warmed crepe Grand Marnier and vanilla ice cream
Thin crepes, beautified in golden hue which is heavily dosed with Grand Marnier sauce and we love it, a lot! So for the second time, I had it for my best-ie birthday! It was rich, citrusy, sweet. Really richly dosed with Grand Marnier.

L’Atelier by Cilantro  (1)

L’Atelier by Cilantro  (21)

Soufflé Au Grand Marnier
Lightly touches with Grand Marnier and served along with vanilla ice cream. Maybe we have left it a little longer; it wasn’t as airy when I dug in.

L’Atelier by Cilantro  (2)

With le Bff!

Micasa All Suite Hotel
368B, Micasa All Suite Hotel
Jalan Tun Razak, 50400 Kuala Lumpur.

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