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Dining under a starry sky, that’s such a romantic scene. Here it is in Nikugaiya 肉魁屋. Read that they are established since 2018 and they have 6 outlets in China.

It was one of our family’s annual celebrations. Last year we had a great one in Yakiniku Great . This year we decided to book this place after seeing many reviews on the social media and also its promotion.

Nikugaiya 肉魁屋

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Grand and posh walk way entrance leading you into the starry sky garden space.

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Counter seats.

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We were ushered and seated in the Hokkaido private room with a zen little Japanese garden overlooking the main busy road of Old Klang Road. Honestly it was extremely zen when being seated inside here. It was as though you have entered into a different space

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You will have a total different feeling dining inside this space. It is such a huge contrast comparing the indoor and the busy main street.

But… it was not too zen when we saw that the menu. LOL. The menu we wanted to order has been taken off and we were not informed about it at time of reservation. We were longing to try out the menu that was priced at Rm 788 for 4 pax. (It was end of September when we made our reservation for dining in on early October.)

Well, we were already here and we wanted to continue our annual celebration, we just picked up the only menu left – Rm 1288 for 4 pax. This menu comes with a few starters, a salad, sashimi, 8 cuts A5 Japanese Wagyu with the total weight of 480gram, a fried dish and side dish each, rice bowl and spicy soup, and lastly it ended with an ice cream.

The dishes were really good and amazing, so did the service provided. Beef were made to perfection, and we managed to find out which part of the meat we like. The staff explained it really well he grilled the beef slices.

Salad was refreshing. Sashimi was incredibly fresh. The Rice Bowl was very memorable, with both kinds of fats layering with the fluffy pearl grains. Spicy Soup was really good and comforting. And even the sweet ending also wow-ed my heart.

However… the whole dining experience was very fast pace. The waiters kept coming in and out with dishes, serving us one and another. We hadn’t finish one dish, and the second one came in, until the table was full with dishes and left no space for next one. That’s the same for the grilled meat too, the staff gave us no rest time… until we asked for a short pause (as we did not want the cooked meat waiting for us, and left cool on the table). The whole journey was one word… too fast pacing.

Aside from that, this Rm 1288 course is way more than enough for feeding 4 pax. I would say, it makes great for 5 pax. Or… One can just pick the dishes from the a la carte menu because they actually total up the bill for this menu as per a la carte price with a small discount, roughly around Rm 60 for this 4 pax course.

Okay, finished with my grandmother long winded story. Now, let’s go to our course!

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First thing first, a beer!
Why?! That’s because the sake sold here was priced way extremely toooooo expensive. Lol. I can only rely on a draft beer.


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Spicy Burdock Root

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Century Egg Tofu

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Shishamo Kanroni

Spicy Burdock Root and Kimchi were really good. Century Egg Tofu was pretty special.


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Seasonal Seafood Salad
A very refreshing salad that was dosed with lots of greens, sweet white corns, and thinly sliced beetroot, and topped with lots of fresh seafood like scallops, salmon slices; finally dressed in house’s tangy yuzu dressing. Very refreshing! I like the lightly torched scallops that gave a great smokiness on the palate, to pair with the greens.


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4 kinds of assorted sashimi, beautifully plated and incredibly fresh

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A5 Japanese Wagyu Platter comes with a total of 8 cuts with a total of 480g of Kuroge Wagyu Miyazaki beef. That day, we had Uwamisuji, Misuji, Kamenoko, Katarosu (Chuck Ribeye), Togarashi, Kurashi (Chuck Eye Log ), Kawara and Bara Ashi (Rib Finger). The meat came in a mixture of lean and fats, and also really fats and marbling one. All in different textures.

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We were presented this special beef brisket “cake” for the birthday ones! It was so yummy with the egg yolk special sauce!

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Fried Dish

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Harami Katsu
Deeper in color and bolder in flavours, harami is the cut from the diaphragm area, breaded and deep fried into perfection. It was to pair with the ooba sauce that served along with the katsu. The texture can be a lil coarse on the palate but it simply delicious with the ooba sauce. We were told that this was made of US Olive Wagyu Beef as Japan is very strict with beef innards export or no export at all.

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Side Dish

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Spicy Miso Beef Tripe
Ohhhhh myyyyy, this beef tripe was made soooooooooo delicious! Crunchy texture in spicy miso savouriness.

Rice & Soup

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Foie Gras & Wagyu Rice Bowl
Very fancy pot rice with topped with lots of premium ingredients such as the fatty and buttery foie gras, wagyu slices, ikura; gently mixed up all together after a balance drizzle of the special sauce. It was a whole bowl of goodness. The rice was very fluffy and flavourful with all the ingredients all well-mixed together.

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Spicy Karubi Soup
Served piping hot, very flavourful with the karubi. Very comforting.

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With huge chunks of soft and tender beef in it!


You will be given a selection of flavours to choose from – black sesame, matcha, wasabi and yuzu.

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Yuzu Ice Cream was sorbet-liked. A tangy and refreshing sweet ending to wash down the whole meal. If it can be made into a more sourish version, that would be perfect!

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While my pick was the Wasabi flavour! I asked the staff if the wasabi flavour was made in-house. A yes from them and yay! It was a great Wasabi Ice Cream, with chunks of wasabi layered in the creamy ice cream, spicy and kicking, such a perfect ending to me!

Nikugaiya 肉魁屋
2-11, 2F, Pearl Shopping Gallery,
Jalan Sepadu, Taman United,
58200 Kuala Lumpur.

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