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Calling all the beef lovers, there is a new place in town called Yakiniku YUI; serving succulent ultimate Japanese Wagyu Beef with extremely beautiful marbling at a really cheap rate!

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Yakiniku YUI

Located right above Shakariki 432 at Solaris Dutamas, Yakiniku YUI is a new Japanese yakiniku place that has opened its door about a month ago, serving highest quality A5 Grade Japanese wagyu beef – Awa Beef 阿波牛 from Tokushima Prefecture.

Japanese wagyu beef is always rated at a sky high price but how can they make it such reasonable priced? That’s because the owner behind this restaurant does Awa-gyu (beef) wholesale, so he brings in the whole Awa-gyu from Japan and have it hand-carved in Yakiniku YUI. That is why we get to enjoy this premium quality Japanese wagyu yakiniku at relatively affordable price. Besides the usual cuts like loin and rib, you may be able to taste many other exclusive parts of the cattle too, such as Top Blade, Ramp, Chuck Tender, Tri-tip and etc !

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We started off with Japanese Beef set Medium (Rm 190) that comes with 300gram of Japanese beef slices and a set of kimchi that is made of bean sprout, cucumber and Chinese cabbage. Our medium set beef platter came with 3 different parts namely loin, short rib and prime loin.

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Short Rib

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Loin made beautifully into a rose

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Prime Loin

Just look at the marbling of the beef, aren’t they amazingly beautiful? They appeared in pinkish pink interlacing with whitish fats in perfect ratio, evenly distributed.

We were told that they do not fix the cuts on the platter, so you will be given a little surprise every time dine in here (depends on your luck, LOL). Like this round, we got the prime loin as the surprise because it is one of the exclusive cut or also known as rare parts.

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You may flavour them with the wasabi or salt given. Alternatively, dip the Awa-gyu slices into their house made special yakiniku sauce which tastes on the sweeter side with a flavourful fruity scent.

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Having seen we Malaysians love spicy too, they have specially made this Japanese-fusion sambal to cater the locals’ tastebuds. The sambal is deliciously punched with spices, yet not overly spicy nor overtakes the taste of the beef slices.

I like the sambal as it helps to double-level up the flavour and brilliantly cut of the greasiness of the fats!

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Grilling them over the charcoal fire.

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Extremely delicious with melt in mouth texture, I assure! (Writing this made me salivating again over the screen. Gulp!). Both the loin and short ribs were really good, finely marbled; but the prime loin was even another level up, succulent and beefy with melt in mouth texture. The charcoal fire has fired up the fats, leaving the extra aroma on the beef slices, and that chemistry explodes once touching your palate. Too good!!!

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Chuck Flap (Rm 110)
This is another exquisite rare cut. Look at the marbling!!! Snowy white with fats marbled over the meat at higher ratio, it looks and taste like butter too, simply melted like butter on the palate. To me, the texture was like the combination of torched engawa and otoro; creamy, fatty, aromatic… Honestly speaking, it is really hard to put them in words as it was too mind-blowing and very unforgettable!

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Yakiniku YUI also offers some side dishes, rice dishes and noodles to complete your ultimate Japanese wagyu beef experience.

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Potato Pancake (Rm 20)

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Spicy Ramen (Rm 25)
Piping hot bowl of ramen loaded with wagyu beef, vegetables, hijiki and hard-boiled egg, packed with spicy kick. This ramen is quite spicy I had to say. If spicy isn’t your thing, go for the non-spicy version.

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I really can’t wait to return to Yakiniku YUI for more of their premium quality Japanese wagyu beef. The wagyu here is really really really worth spending for! Gotta go again next month with my partner-in-crime, Mocas for our Thurs-date again, to soothe our #byetrip sorrow hearts! Gotta try out their wagyu beef fried rice (sounds lux eh)!

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Yakiniku YUI
D4-G4-7, Publika Shopping Gallery,
No.1, Jalan Dutamas,
Solaris Dutamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-64115748‬‬
Opens from Tuesday to Sunday
Lunch: 12pm – 2.30pm
Dinner: 6pm to 11pm
Close on every Mondays

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