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One of the best best best best beef experiences I had in year 2022 has got to be this – Yakiniku Great .

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Yakiniku Great Kuala Lumpur

Located inside The Republik, Bukit Damansara, Yakiniku Great is originated from Utsunomiya, Japan, specializing in A5 Japanese Black Wagyu Beef, the finest cut of wagyu.

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Once entering the premise, we were leaded to our table. The space was not as huge as I imagine, no wonder there are dining time limits for each table.

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On the menu, you may find the a la carte of meat as well as the Omakase. They offer 3 types of Omakase course – Take (special rare cuts), Matsu (premium special rare cuts) and Kiwami (ultimate special rare cuts) with 7 cuts of premium Japanese wagyu on each course, at the price of Rm 290, Rm 390 and Rm 490 respectively. For those who are taking Kiwami course, you will be offered a top up of Rm 50 for half slice of Chef Kimura Yaki’s special.

If your budget permits, I would suggest you to take up the Kiwami course and top up for the Chef Kimura Yaki’s special so you get to enjoy the best of both courses! Their omakase courses do not come with any greens. If you need some greens in your diet, please order from the a la carte menu.

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As there were four of us, we picked up two Matsu course (which is the most popular one on their menu) and two Kiwami course to check out the differences. Each omakase course has a minimum order of 2 servings.

For Matsu course, the cuts we got were Shakushi, Uwamisuji, Chauteau briand, Misuji, Dan sankaku, Kurisankaku with dashi, and the finale: Chef Kimura Yaki with the fresh egg.

For Kiwami course, we got the Shakushi, Uwamisuji, Engawa, Misuji, Dai sankaku, Kurisankaku with dashi, and the finale: the Uni Chateau Briand Don!

The staffs here are very attentive, polite and service is full with omotenashi. These added so many points to the whole dining experience. Really love the vibes when dining in here. Also, you don’t have to worry about grilling the meat or overcook the precious meat by yourself. The meat were grilled and served by the staff, in front of you. They know the perfect grilling time for each cut of meat. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the grilled meat, as well as the vibe here.

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First thing first, Sake is something not to be missed when dining in a Japanese restaurant. We had a bottle of Born Gold Junmai Daiginjo . It was so good to go with the beef.

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Beef fats to oil the grilling pan. And other sauces and condiments for the meat.

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Appetizer (Rm 15)
We were told that the day’s appetizer was beef sushi. We just gave it a try.

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The part next to misuji. Cube shape lean meat with tender texture. Each diner gets 2 cubes of it and one is to enjoy with the dipping sauce. It was super good.

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Chateau Briand (for Matsu course)
Superior rare cut from the center part of the fillet, with softest and tender firm texture. Just look at the marbling, snowy white fats was beautifully marbled with the meat. Gulps, couldn’t hold my saliva when I was writing on this.

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This garlic dipping sauce was superb!

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Engawa (for Kiwami course)
Thick slice of cut from the rare part of fillet and sirloin. Also appeared in snowy white. That texture was just melted right on the palate, succulent with that tender soft fatty meat. It was seriously so good.

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Misuji and Dai Sankaku

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Kurisankaku, served with dashi
This was really special. Thinly sliced lean meat and grill over the fire for 2 seconds on each side and then served inside the piping hot dashi. You will get the flavour of dashi on the meat and also the meat flavours in the dashi soup.

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Chef Kimura Yaki
Here came the finale for Matsu Course. It was served with the Japanese fresh egg yolk and its special homemade sauce. My family members enjoyed it very much with the enjoyable yolk-porn moment.

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Uni Chateau Briand Don
The finale dish for my Kiwami Course!!! Succulent and melt in mouth pefectly grilled Chateau Briand served on a bed of white fluffy rice, topped with the dose of Uni, finally drizzled with the garlic butter soy sauce and garnished with chopped spring onions. Words couldn’t describe how wow it was! My palate was bursting; my brain’s neurons were firing. Amazing finale to the course!

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This one came with real 仪式感 .

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Cooking the butter soy garlic sauce.

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Drooling while Grilling…

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Another O-M-G …

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So beautiful it deserves a few more photos up here.

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Dessert – silky smooth Panna Cotta

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Matcha and Black sesame Ice Cream for the birthday!

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Some may find it over-rated, some even may find it over-priced for the given portion. I believe most people may find their omakase course is not full at all with just 7 slices of meat (I were the same too but glad that Kiwami course comes with a bowl of rice).

And Yes, I must agree that it is really expensive to pay for but this is a one kind experience that I enjoyed very much. Every beef slice were beautifully cut and trimmed. Every piece of them was painted with perfect snowy marbling, filled with silky smooth and melt-in-mouth texutre; my palate was busy mmm-ing the whole night too. Too good, too delicious!

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Yakiniku Great Kuala Lumpur
G-02-01, Republik,
Jalan Medan Setia 1,
Bukit Damansara,
50490 Kuala Lumpur

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