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Quin, short for “Quintet”; a modern French dining place specializing in French cuisine with a touch of Asian influences. Quin has this specially curated lunch course that is worth checking out, priced at Rm 88 for 2-course or Rm 118 for 3-course; all beautifully plated and packed with surprises.

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Corkage is currently free of charge during lunch. So I brought a bottle over, sharing with the bffs my favourite Riesling.


De La Boulangerie


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Sourdough brioche, whipped crème cheese
To start, we had the fluffy brioche with a spread of the airy whipped crème cheese!

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Bouillon de dashi
Black tiger prawn, okra, daikon, clear dashi broth
A very comforting dish to start with clear broth that is packed with essence from prawn, sweetness from daikon and umami-ness from the dashi. If you guys are sharing the dishes, I would suggest tasting this dish first.

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Petit laitue romaine
Little gem, bottarga, parmesan, almond milk, yuzu truffle dressing
Mini little gem that is touched with the umami bottarga flakes, cheesy parmesan. That yuzu truffle dressing was very very light yet aromatic!

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Canard effiloche
Shredded roasted duck, pumpkin espuma, kataifi
Another yummy started with shredded roasted duck dressed with rich pumpkin foam and topped with kataifi. It was a rich yummy dish.

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Le Plat Principal


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Truffle riso
Pasta riso, maitake, parmesan, truffle pate
The pasta riso was very plump with barley-liked texture, topped with the softly hinted maitake. Very very light in flavour but with creamy texture.

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Confit salmon, yuzu beurre blanc, salmon roe, Brussels sprout
Such a beautiful apricot-orangey slab of salmon fillet that is perfectly made with its juice retained and so tender to be split off by the soft touch with fork, touched with the salmon roe and side with Brussels sprout, slept on a bed of warm emulsified butter sauce.

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Joue de boeuf
Slow-braised beef cheeks, baby carrot, puree de pomme
This was the crowd pleaser. Super soft and tender braised beef cheeks, very flavourful and rich. Must pick this if you are a beef lover.

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Le Dessert


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Poire belle Helene
Poached pear, nut crumble, chocolate sauce, yogurt sorbet
Such an elegant plated dessert – the classic French pear and chocolate dessert! Pear was perfectly poached, soft but not mushy, sweet yet light; served along with chocolate sauce, crunched nuts and yogurt sorbet.

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Earl grey crème brulee
Served with vanilla ice cream
Creamy, thick and smooth, with distinctive earl grey flavour. However its shine has overtaken by the classic French pear.

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Great Thurs-date with the bffs!

A-GF-01, Ground Floor,
5th Place @ The Five Bukit Damansara 49,
Kompleks Pejabat Damansara, Jalan Dungun,
Bukit Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur.

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