Mr Duck Teowchew Braised @ Desa Aman, Cheras

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mr duck teowchew braised (6)

Mr Duck Teowchew Braised 鸭先生潮州卤味

Glad to find that Mr Duck Teowchew Braised 鸭先生潮州卤味 that was used to be in Taman Taynton View, next to Fatt Hei Len; has now relocated to this new place at Desa Aman! It is my favourite comfort food in Cheras and I am extremely pleased to see that they are back in action and doesn’t move far away from Cheras!

mr duck teowchew braised (10)

This new space offers a more comfortable setting with air conditioned. It may seem rather small with lesser tables as a huge section has been taken up by the kitchen.

As for parking, there are parking spaces at the basement of this building. Roadside? Park at your own risk.

mr duck teowchew braised (12)

Braised Duck 卤鸭 (Rm 45 – half a duck)
Succulent and tender duck meat, braised for hours, very very flavourful! Even the duck breast is very succulent and plump, not dry in texture! And that pairing gravy is indeed a 下饭神器, very comforting. Another good stuff will be this one in PJ .

mr duck teowchew braised (7)

Glossy, juicy, succulent, yumz

mr duck teowchew braised (11)

Beautifully sliced and arranged neatly.

mr duck teowchew braised (5)

Braised Duck (Rm 25 – quarter portion, drumstick)

mr duck teowchew braised (8)

Ham Choy or Salted Vegetable (Rm 13 for big portion)
Served piping hot. Not salty at all; neither too sour nor mushy too, just right. No matter how many pax of us, be it 3 pax or 5 pax, we always order the big portion of Ham Choy, because smaller portion is never enough. Always goes great with rice, plain porridge and pumpkin porridge too.

mr duck teowchew braised (9)

Braised Tofu (Rm 2.8 per piece)
Tofu is another must have; soft center tofu with fully braised and flavourful outer skin.

mr duck teowchew braised (2)

Braised Pork Intestine (Rm 8 for small portion)
Delicious and flavourful as well, without any unwashed porky smell. Other braised parts such as braised pork belly, ears, and face are available too.

mr duck teowchew braised (3)

Braised Egg (Rm 1.9 per whole egg)

mr duck teowchew braised (1)

Don’t forget the house’s blended chili to go with the braised dishes, quite an ass-kicking one!

mr duck teowchew braised (4)

Mr Duck Teowchew Braised 鸭先生潮州卤味
Lot G-02, Wisma Aman Elite,
Jalan Desa Aman 1,
Taman Desa Aman,
56100 Kuala Lumpur.

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