Good Taste Rice & Noodle House 好味烧腊面饭店 @ Taman Anggerik, Cheras

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I like my bowl of wanton mee with noodles come thin and springy and topped with slices of thicker cuts pun fei sao char siu. This is what I hope for, as simple as that. After numerous visit to Hung Kee for wanton mee (both outlets), I find that they are already not up to my expectation. In search for a new place for a simple bowl of wanton mee, I have found one!


Good Taste Rice & Noodle House



Thin strands of egg noodles was springy, no presence of unpleasant alkaline taste in the egg noodles; tossed prettily in soy sauce, dark soy sauce and sesame oil. Totally my type of wanton noodles.

The char siu are not made as charred as what I got from the other place, but the char siu  here came with thicker cuts, 50-50 ratio lean meat and fats. Chilli comes great for the bowl of noodles, especially the one with sambal look. I could have my bowl of noodles with that chilli alone. Slurrrrpppp




Other than wanton mee, they serve beef noodles too. Comes with a huge scoop of minced meat to be mixed and eaten together with the springy egg noodles. Oh ya, they have only a type of noodles for their beef noodles, that’s their signature egg noodles.


The mixture of beefy offal in the rich palatable soup.


Dumplings were pretty good; flavourful, huge and packed with lots of minced meat and prawn. Except that the skin at the shaping part was a little thick to my liking.


Price wise, it was merely rm 20 we paid; for 2 bowls of dried wantan mee, a bowl beef noodles, 3 pieces of dumplings; and walked out with satisfactory.

I wish i could spare you guys the address, but i couldn’t exactly located it. Gimme some times for that and I will update once I have got the correct address. 

Good Taste Rice & Noodle House 好味烧腊面饭店
Jalan 34/154,
Taman Dahlia,
56000 Kuala Lumpur

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