The Steakhouse @ Changkat Bukit Bintang, KL

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Stood on this forever lively and happening street, Changkat Bukit Bintang and just next to The Whisky Bar; The Steakhouse is a another restaurant established by Werner Kuhn.


This restaurant is dimly lit, decorated with vintage furniture to create a rustic ambiance;  serving good cuts of steak for the steak lovers. The Steakhouse has their beef imported from Australia and you can choose between the aged Black Angus and grain fed. Choose your favourite from the five cuts they offer, such as medallion, tenderloin, rib-eye, T-bone and striploin. If you are not a beef lovers but your other half or your gang of friends love it?! No worry, they do cater poultry and seafood too!


Air Dried Spanish Beef Ham (Rm 38)
Most of the time, I had the pork version and this was my very first time having the beef version! Served with rock melon, it was such a perfect match; the saltiness hint from the Spanish beef ham and the sweetness from the rock melon rocked in my mouth!


German Style “Beef Tartar” (Rm 48)
It was another virgin experience on this “beef sashimi”. Made with raw meat that is thinly sliced and pounded, marinated with 5 types of spices and topped with a raw egg yolk to create a smoother texture, give everything a stir and served it on slices of fluffy French loaf. Yummay





Pan Fried Duck Foie Gras (Rm 42)
With fine bean and orange segments; such a melt-in-your-mouth experience.


Baked Portobello Mushroom (Rm 26)
Another appetizer that is great for sharing. Stuffed with spinach and seafood and topped with cheese before sending into the oven. Very cheesy but I prefer the baked Portobello mushroom from Belly Good which was flavoured with bacon bits.


French Onion Soup (Rm 22)
Loaded with onions and infused with both gruyere and emmental cheese. It was very nice on the first few sips but towards the end, it was getting saltier and saltier.


Potato & Seafood Soup (Rm 28)


Chilled & Aged Black Angus Tenderloin 7oz/200gram (Rm 98)
Ohhh, the tenderloin cuts was grilled over charcoal, very tender and juicy.




Not to forget the few sauces to accompany your steak. There is black pepper, Red Wine, BBQ, Mayonnaise or Mushroom to choose from.


Side dish: potato


Beef Stroganoff (Rm 48)
Beef stripes in mushroom sauce and rosti potato



Crispy Chicken Roulade (Rm 38)
With onion and turkey ham, served with sautéed potato and boiled vegetables.

Here comes the sweet ending, try out their signature and I love both of them!


Werner’s Special (Rm 22.5)
Fresh strawberry in mango sauce with chocolate mousse and homemade wild raspberry sherbet; it was fruity and refreshing. Hmmm, I can still remember the sweet and sourish homemade raspberry sherbet.


Andreas’s Dream (Rm 22.5)
White chocolate ice cream, milky chocolate mousse, and chocolate crumble, banana in passion fruit and pear in red wine. These all fits the name of the “A Dream in Chocolate”; with triple chocolate around, it was bursting with oh-so-chocolaty-taste.


Not to forget to order one or two glass of alcoholic drink here in The Steakhouse (or The Whisky Bar). The host made us glasses of Sangria before we end our meal. The darker red one was the Red wine added with gin and rum; the yellowish one was the White wine with pear puree and gin while the bright red one consisted of Rosella raspberry puree and gin. I like the first one which was strong while the later two were fruity and refreshing.


Sigh… Fuel price going up but life goes on.
Sometimes we do have to be good to one self and rationally pamper oneself after all those depressing news. Well, weekend will soon here. Start planning your weekends and enjoy it to the max before a new hectic cycle drops by again

The Steakhouse
No.48, Changkat Bukit Bintang,
50200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: +603 2143 2268
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday from 5pm to 11pm

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6 thoughts on “The Steakhouse @ Changkat Bukit Bintang, KL”

  • I ate at The Steakhouse KL on 15 Jan 2014. For starter Oyster Rockerfeller: The chef hasn’t a clue. The oysters were cold and layered in cold spinach and bread crumbs and the plate was cold.There was no resemblance to Oyster Rockerfeller. For my main course I had Black Angus 300grms ordered medium rare. The chef hasn’t a clue. The meat wasn’t cooked, there was no flavour, the vegetables tasted of chemicals, the plate was cold. The bill: They haven’t a clue. I was overcharged by MYR40 but got them to reduce it. This restaurant relies on its reviews but does not live up to them. The experience was terrible. Ken Montgomery Singapore.

    • so sorry to hear bout your experience.
      as for the steak, there are few sauces available to flavour your steak, no??? i remembered we had our steak to be cook at medium, so, it was fine for us.

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