Honest Butcher by Chef Nickt @ Sunway Damansara

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Here is one of the great beef experiences I had last year, aside from Wagyu Dojo and Yakiniku Great . I once saw Honest Butcher on Hungrybabes’ IG, and I told myself, must visit!

honest butcher (12)

Honest Butcher

Who would have known, deep inside this industrial looking area, there sits a great restaurant like this one. Tucked away in Sunway Damansara, Honest Butcher is the one, offering not just delicious meat steaks dining experience, but they also sell premium steaks at affordable price. So you may purchase them, take home and cook them at home!

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Before entering the premise, here are the large bull and deer statues, greeting us!

honest butcher (3)

As you entered, you will be greeted with an open kitchen with counter seats on the left, and dining tables with zen-ish backdrop on the right.

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honest butcher (4)

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This is definitely the heaven for beef enthusiasts, just look at the variety of beef inside the fridge; rows of them and lots of them! I got “blurry” when choosing the piece of meat from the fridge, LOL. Ended up, the staff helped us in choosing one based on our preferences.

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honest butcher (11)

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There are also a variety of in house seasonings for your steak at the back of your premise, where you can bring home to cook or pair with your meat!

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honest butcher (7)

honest butcher (8)

honest butcher (15)

Opened up a bottle of Red Wine for the family. Corkage is priced at Rm 50 for wine, champagne and sake. I bought this bottle of good stuff from Boutiq Wine .

honest butcher (13)

Yuzu Balsamic Salad (Rm 28)
Greens, pickled daikon, pine nut, white corn, tomatoes, dressed with yuzu balsamic and garnished with sesame. A refreshing starter packed with bright vibrant colours and drizzled with tangy dressing. Very appetizing!

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Nasu Dengkaku (Rm 18)
Grilled eggplant glazed with white miso glaze, grilled to perfection. This was everyone’s favourite on our table!

honest butcher (17)

honest butcher (14)

Classic Russet Fries (Rm 18)
Tossed with sea salt and Sarawak black pepper, and served with dipping Kombu Aioli and Truffle Ketchup. Addictive!

honest butcher (19)

A5 Omi Zabuton (Rm 289)
About 200gram’s Japanese A5 Omi Wagyu’s Zabuton, made medium rare, appeared in light pinkish hues, interlacing with fats and meat, creating a beautiful marbling. Every forkful of the meat was tender and juicy, creamy but not greasy. This cut was really good!

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Elite Aus Wagyu MB 8/9 Sirloin
We picked up this Australian Wagyu Sirloin with MB 8/9 from the chiller and got the chef cook for us (with cooking fee at Rm 20), it was beautifully done. My cousin brother preferred this sirloin while zabuton won our heart.

honest butcher (23)

Garlic Fried Rice with Crispy A5 Wagyu bits (Rm 38)
Stir-fried with double egg, garlic oil, double garlic, bonito soy, house’s teriyaki and final touched with scallion. We picked up one of their signature, which is added with Crispy A5 Wagyu bits; very garlicky and filled with lots of wok hei and the aromatic wagyu bits!

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Homemade Sesame Crème Brulee (Rm 18)
45 mins slow steamed egg custard with crackling caramel shell. Oh, we love this so much! It was punched with the richness and aroma of black sesame, super creamy rich! If you are not a fan of sesame, they have another matcha option too.

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honest butcher (24)

Lava Cake (Rm 28)
66% Caraibe Dark Chocolate Cake, ganache, vanilla Ice Cream, pine nuts
Rich and chocolaty. If only this was in more melted lava, it would be perfect!

honest butcher (27)

Honest Butcher by Chef Nickt
28, Jalan PJU 3/47,
Sunway Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya.
Opens from 10am to 10pm
Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays

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