Wagyu Yakiniku @ Wagyu Dojo, Old Klang Road

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After TWO months of waiting! Yes, after queuing for TWO MONTHS! Finally, and finally I get to savour them! Slurpppps

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Wagyu Dojo

Located at Old Klang Road, Wagyu Dojo is not just the wagyu beef wholesaler, but also offering 2 different types of ultimate wagyu experiences to the beef lovers. Beef lovers who fancy course dining can look up on their 8-course Wagyu Omakase; priced at Rm 628 per pax, available from Friday to Sunday only and they can accommodate up to 8 pax per session (if I am not mistaken). For those who fancy Wagyu Yakiniku, do check out this yakiniku course that I have tried here.

Wagyu Yakiniku

Available from Monday to Thursdays
Priced at Rm 388 per pax
Limited to 4 pax per session
Get to try out 30 different parts of A5 Wagyu

I believe this kind of dining is the first in Malaysia, also the one and only dining experience (as of today). Do correct me if I were wrong ya. Dining here is quite an educational one. It is also an interactive dining session where you get to ask more questions and learn more about the parts of the beef from the chef and the manager. Best of all, we are able to try out those rare parts that cannot be found in most restaurants.

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As we entered the restaurant, we were directed to our dining table that was very well prepared. Our seats were laid with all the yakiniku essentials, the yakiniku grill; and each of us was given the Yakiniku sauce , Kizami Wasabi , Shio konbu , salt , egg yolk , kimchi and lettuce for a taste of Korean style, and hot chili powder for a taste of Chinese style 烤肉. These were all the essential dipping to our yakiniku beef.

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Already messed up my egg yolk before photo.

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Also, a highlighter and a card with illustration of a cow with each its part all “dissects” out.

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The highlight of our night was, to try out different parts of the beef. Soon after we tried out each part of the beef, we looked for it and coloured the part with the highlighter provided.

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Wagyu Dojo is serving and selling A5 Miyazaki beef . That night, the beef was graded with BMS12 (beef marbling scale), with pinkish hues meat beautifully interlacing with snowy white fats.

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We started the first one with the Uwamisuji , the front thigh part, with more proteins texture.
Chef will serve two to three cubes so that we could really enjoy the texture, and register them into our brain and make comparison with other parts. Chef advised us to have the first piece of beef without any dipping, and the next with dipping based of personal preference.

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I love my beef with kizami wasabi and shio konbu which perfectly balance off the grease from the high marbling beef cubes or slices and elevate its fatty aroma. So yum!

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Then moving to Katasankaku, also front thigh, below misuji area, and this was more tender and fatty. Okay, the they may all looking the same but definitely won’t taste the same in terms of texture.

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Next was Jyo Karubi . Also another favourite of mine after Katasankaku.

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Next, Kosankaku .

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Ninoude or Shoulder Clod, the part below katasankaku, grilled along with mushroom and this time chef had them lightly sprinkled with salt, and paired with shredded leeks.

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Zabuton, ahhh my favourite! Grilled with leek.

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You won’t go boring eating yakiniku wagyu here, because every now and then chef will change his cooking method, adding on some condiments or vegetables to side with the grilled meat. Your fibre intake is very well taken care of, aside from loading you with lots of protein.

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Tomoshin, the shank was served with grilled tomato. This is one of the rare parts and one head of cow produces less than 500gram only!!! Super love this tomoshin. It was super tender, super juicy! (Chef please save this part for us on our next visit… please).

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Ribeye Cap was plated with edible flowers. Beautiful for the sight and tasty for the tastebuds.

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Chuck Eye Log, served on a bed of mushroom that cooked with fats or beef oil which has undergone a slow cooking method for about 20 hours to extract the cow fats or its oil.

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Misuji, another part we love most; it was on fire when cooking due to its fats droplets. Very tender, very soft; served along with pickled cucumbers to cut off the aftertaste grease.

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Uchimomo, grilled and served with ice plant. This part is pretty lean as it is lack of fats.

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Then the tongue! We were served with 2 different parts of the tongue the inner part which is softer and more tender. Also the middle part which is chewier. I like the inner part more haha.

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Next up, 2 ribs short ribs is served, rolled with cabbages to give some sweetness and also to clear off some grease.

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Katabara , the brisket, another part we all love!!! It was perfectly grilled, and chef brilliantly dressed it with chopped leeks, an egg yolk and his special sauce. We wished we can have double portion of this cos it was really delicious, soft and tender!

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Hamburg, the bread is buttered with the beef fats, sandwiched in between was the grilled beef burger that is made of the neck part and finally drizzled with truffle oil. Here, you can really get to taste every part of the wagyu beef. Every single part of the beef is never go to waste.

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Our course almost coming to an end, we were served with the piping hot clear soup with beef and radish. It was super sweet and delicious, rich dosed with the essence from that big moo! I wished I have more stomach space to stuff all the meat in!

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The manager and chef then surprised us with the tenderloin cut. Slurppppssss! It was super tender and juicy and doink doink bouncy and fatty too! love it max!

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Finally that’s the rice dish; the shin shank part is stewed in Sichuan flavour and served on a bed of fluffy rice. We find that this rice dish is lack of something as in the rice texture. If this is served with Calrose rice, then it will be perfect (personal preference ya).

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You may also find this convenient beef stew packets in retail too! Just grab them home and reheat it, you can have Sichuan style wagyu beef stew at home too!

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Here comes the sweet ending.Ice cream made of fats and beef bits !!! The dessert is even dosed with beef too!

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Us and our “hauls” in our stomachs. We were then burping “cow” for the whole night as though we have swallowed down the whole cow. LOL. It was indeed a delicious, fun and interactive session in Wagyu Dojo. If you love Japanese beef or wagyu, do check out this place as you really get to try out different parts of the beef. And… I have reserved my next session before posting this up (reservation is crazily full!). Can’t wait for more surprises in my next session!

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Wagyu Dojo
48, Jalan Mega Mendung,
off Jln Klang Lama,
58200 Kuala Lumpur

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