Happyman Bake’s @ Cheras, KL

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Yay, another pleasant addition in Cheras neighbourhood aside from Chums and Yue Coffee Bar !

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Happyman Bake’s

Located at the quieter side of the Cheras neighourhood, Happyman Bake’s is definitely a heaven for the bread lovers. Be it croissant or sourdough, or the hybrid of both (yes they have sourdough croissant!); you will find your favourite here.

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The temptations are real by seeing the sweet and savoury pastries laying neatly inside their “home”. Beautiful.

I takeaway-ed the sourdough croissant too, for the next day’s breakfast. It was huge, flaky and buttery, with lightly sweeten on the crust. Yum

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Flat white (Rm 11)
Perfect morning dose to go with the bread.

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Ajisai Matcha Latte (Rm 14)

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Matcha Bomboloni (Rm 10)
Lightly sugary coated bomboloni, filled with matcha fillings; soft and fluffy with matcha fillings oozing out as u tear it or bite it.

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Whole-leg Mushroom Tartine (Rm 24)
Open tartine grilled sourdough sandwich topped with torched chicken whole leg and mozzarella creamy mushroom sauce, sided with simple salad. The portion is quite stomach filling as it is packed with proteins and creamy sauce.

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Tomato Pork Stew (Rm 22)
Classic tomato bisque slow cooked with range of vegies, spices, and chick pea and pork meat; served together with thick and crispy golden sourdough. I really like this pork stew! Thick, rich and flavourful; perfect match with the chewy and crusty sourdough.

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Happyman Bake’s
No. 9, Lorong Jintan 2,
Taman Supreme,
56100 Kuala Lumpur.
Opens daily from 11am to 6pm

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