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Had a very simple birthday lunch this year. Thanks to my super best friend for the company. Great company always make the day awesome.

Having heard a lot about The Mechanic and yet I have no chance to make my way over, though it is just located in Cheras. And now their 2.0 has popped up even nearer to me.

CORE by The Mechanic  (1)

CORE by The Mechanic

Located at Medan Connaught, sharing the same area with Les Petits Jours and Bookmark Café, CORE by The Mechanic is another new face that draws huge crowds over. During their early opening, there were queues for this instagrammable wall and minimalist white café interior. Very crowded. The hype finally fades a little and I finally managed to make a visit.

CORE by The Mechanic  (12)

Quiet, cosy and inviting. But once the lunch crowd came in, the place turned to be busy and happening. Staffs are super friendly and attentive. They were very patience on our requests for extra this and that.

CORE by The Mechanic  (3)

Coffee menu is pretty simple. Black, white, cold brew or filtered for you to choose. As usual, flat white (Rm 10) for me; made with house blend and yep, we love them! My friend even had second dose after the meal! They serve truly great coffee!

CORE by The Mechanic  (11)

CORE by The Mechanic  (5)

Fried Chicken Burger (Rm 24)
Homemade charcoal bun, tomato, onions, pickled cucumber, fries and Sriracha mayo
Most of the time photos in the menu are just for illustration purpose but here in CORE, our Fried Chicken Burger appeared the same as per in the menu! Just like what being captured in the menu! The whole burger was huge and tall, with fluffy charcoal bun sandwiching the well-seasoned and juicy fried chicken. Delicious! And it is really worth paying for!

CORE by The Mechanic  (7)

CORE by The Mechanic  (6)

CORE by The Mechanic  (10)

Chips is happiness!

CORE by The Mechanic  (9)

Thai Basil (Rm 20)
Pork slice, country egg, cherry tomato, bird-eye chili, lime leaves, garlic and onion
Seeing the word “Thai”, we expected it to have more Thai-ish flavour. It was a good Thai fusion pasta but a little more spices would make us both happier.

CORE by The Mechanic  (13)

Desserts here are great too. We didn’t manage to try on their dessert in the premise but I tried them the night before my birthday. They made delicious pastries such as Natsu and Dark Soul I have tried.

CORE by The Mechanic  (14)

CORE by The Mechanic  (15)

Natsu (Rm 18)
Black sesame cheese cake, cookie crumbles, éclair puff, caramel whipped cream with secret sauce. This reminded me of the super gao sesame ice cream in Tokyo! (how I wish I can travel to Japan this year! Sobz)

Dark Soul (Rm 14)
Chocolate tart infused with espresso, topped with mascarpone
Coffee lover will love this coffee tart, dosed with caffeine, rich and creamy.

CORE by The Mechanic
D-G-12 (Ground Floor) Medan Connaught,
No. 1, Jalan 3/144a, Taman Connaught,
56000 Kuala Lumpur.
Opens from 11am to 9pm daily

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