Les Petits Jours 小日子 @ Cheras, KL

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Les Petits Jours 小日子

A 文青派 café with a pure white minimalist interior, located in Medan Connaught Center Point, Cheras. The café itself is not very spacious, filled with a few wooden tables and chairs, equipped with a huge piano and a guitar at the side. It has a zakka feel counter; that I got attracted to it very much.

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However, there is a problem with this building. It is the most confusing building ever (in my list), it took me a while to figure where I should park and to locate the café. I was lucky enough to park at the correct area and got into the right lift which brought me straight to this café. To avoid getting lost, be sure you park at this Block C or near here (photo below).

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This café is manned by 2 people, serving satisfying home cooked dishes, mainly from owner’s home recipe. There isn’t any fix menu available but rest assure, you can taste a love from home, and have it along with the cosy ambience of the café. Do take note if you are here on weekends, the dishes here are selling fast, and they can be sold out by 2pm! And be prepared to get a queue for tables too. As there are only 2 people running this café, be patience to wait for your order.

The Set Meal is priced at Rm 20 per set, comes with a main course, side dish or soup of the day, and a bowl of rice. You can top up Rm 10 for an Iced Coffee or Iced Chocolate Milk.

Side dishes and soup were not offered too during my visit but the owners had mentioned it earlier and I was fine with that. However… the dishes options left only 2 types available. I wanted to try the Radish Chicken but it was sold out. So I went for Scallion Oil Chicken which looks simple yet comforting too.
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Scallion Oil Chicken
Topped with shredded chicken which was pretty juicy, garnished with chopped spring onion. Very homey kind of dish.

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Granny’s Pork Curry
The spiciness was on the point, very flavourful and loaded with pork chunks, carrots and potatoes cubes. Quite addictive and it will make you crave for the fluffy white rice even more. Something I will go back for more, definitely.

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Iced Coffee

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Oolong Osmanthus Chiffon Cake (Rm 12)

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Les Petits Jours 小日子
C-1-4 (first floor),
Medan Connaught Center Point,
Jalan 2/142a, 56000 Batu 9 Cheras,
Kuala Lumpur.
Opening hours:
Wed to Fri: 12 pm to 5 pm,
Sat & Sun 12pm to 6 pm
closed on Mondays and Tuesdays

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