Ebony & Ivory Coffee @ Taman Cheras, KL

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The humble little neighbourhood café that is hidden near my work place, is now my regular place to go after work, to chill and to look for that bowl of comfort food.

Ebony & Ivory Coffee


Never know Cheras has this little gem. This quaint place is amazing. They have what I need. The coffee, the simple buttery homemade cake, and the piping hot bowl of mummy’s flavour comfort food that will easily satisfy you after full day of tiring task.



Flat White (Rm 11); my usual remedy to untie the knots on the muscles.


My colleagues and I often opt for that Minced Pork Scrambled Egg Rice Bowl (Rm 12). We will be here almost every Saturdays and we will definitely order this. Last Saturday, I was there again and when I ordered 3 bowls, the barista got a little shock and asked if I were to take away. Well, no no, cause I was ordering for the colleagues who were on the way.


Very well flavoured minced meat on a bed of fluffy rice, topped with a beautifully done cottony scrambled egg; which has got sort of like the “dashi flavour” in it (on my first trial) and topped with sprinkles of seaweed, chopped spring onions, coriander and the dancing bonito flakes. Very simple but good and comforting. Somehow my latest order was lack of that seductive “dashi flavour”.


Baguette Rib Eye Steak (Rm 12)
Nicely done steak to go with the hot roll of baguette.


Spaghetti Bolognese (Rm 15)

Vietnamese Chicken Salad Noodles (Rm 15) and Braised Chicken with Rice are the other available options when it comes to hot food. However they are on rotation basis.




Ebony & Ivory Coffee
No. 4A, Jalan Kaskas 4,
Taman Cheras,
56100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 012-508 0510

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