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Forest Bake BKK (2)

Forest Bake has been in my to-go list when I first saw it online. I wanted to head over last year while I saw in Bangkok. However, not the right timing, it was their rest day. Finally in last September, I managed to make a visit!

Forest Bake BKK (17)

Forest Bake BKK

What makes me attracted to it? The one in Chiang Mai that is cabin-liked, “hiding” in the forest had my attention in the first place. Good to see that there a branch here in Bangkok which looks quite similar to theirs in Chiang Mai, and I can have my cravings satisfied.

Forest Bake BKK (33)

Forest Bake BKK is located in a small alley in Sukhumvit 22, Khlong Toei area, a little distance away from EmQuartier. I jammed over from Pratunam area by taxi (as a few drivers cancelled on my request. Grrr.). It is always a better idea to take train to the nearby station and then grab over. If you find this area a little too far to travel over, they do have a branch in CentralWorld, 7th floor with brighter atmosphere.

Forest Bake BKK (26)

Forest Bake BKK, a cabin in a capital. It is lodge-liked with rustic looking interiors. Push open the door, your olfactory receptors will find the pleasant aromatic baked goods scent lingering in the café. The dessert counter is decorated with fresh flowers and covered with lots of baked goods. I have to say even their baked goods work well as decorative too! Too beautiful!

Forest Bake BKK (23)

Forest Bake BKK (22)

Bread, Cinnamon buns, scones, cheesecakes, brownies, canelé ,tarts and other pastries, all elegantly lay on the counter. The baked goods are made fresh daily; using natural wild yeast and real butter, no presentatives and additives added in. They even have a guideline for you to enjoy their cake if you decided to take them out. Really thoughtful. Come early or else you will leave with not many selections. Or go on a weekday just like me, there were quite a lot of options for me and made me indecisive.

Forest Bake BKK (20)

Forest Bake BKK (4)

Forest Bake BKK (5)

Forest Bake BKK (18)

Forest Bake BKK (19)

Forest Bake BKK (29)

Forest Bake BKK (30)

Forest Bake BKK (24)

Forest Bake BKK (27)

Canelé Drops (95 baht)

Forest Bake BKK (34)

Forest Bake BKK (10)

Sweet Potato and Soybean Tart (90 baht)

Forest Bake BKK (16)

Forest Bake BKK (6)

Red Berry Tart (180 baht)
So pretty and filled with lots of fresh berries and fig.

Forest Bake BKK (7)

Fox Tales Carrot Cake (185 baht)
A must order if you are a fan of carrot cake! Punched with cinnamons and nuts; it was nutty, aromatic and savoury! Yes, salty and savoury! So good we take-away another piece.

Forest Bake BKK (8)

Dark Chocolate Brownie (95 baht)
Chocolaty, rich and fluffy.

Forest Bake BKK (11)

Cappuccino (90 baht)

Forest Bake BKK (13)

Lazy Earl (155 baht)
A combination of coffee and tea and it was so refreshing.

Forest Bake BKK (14)

PS: Even their washroom is very pretty that worth a visit! LOL. My aunts and I were amazed over it.

Forest Bake BKK (32)

Forest Bake BKK (1)

Forest Bake
224/3 Soi Ma Suek Sukhumvit 22,
Khlong Toei, Bangkok.

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