BANGKOK: Baan Ying @ Siam Center

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I miss Bangkok so much! First thing to do after landing and settling the luggage – FOOD! EAT THAI FOOD!

We randomly picked a place nearby that serves lip-smacking Thai food. Not sure if we were too hungry or we missed authentic Thai food very much, this restaurant Baan Ying serves really good Thai dishes that we all polished our dishes clean.

baan ying bangkok (1)

Baan Ying, Original Siam Kitchen

Started up as a very small business in 1999 with only 9 tables in Siam Square area, offerings family recipes that made with loves. The menu is pretty extensive, priced very affordably too given the portion is quite reasonable. We took quite a while to decide what we want as there were too many dishes to choose from. All the dishes we ordered were really good and we particularly like the Omelette with crab meat, Tom yum, Stir-fried Cowslip Creepers and chicken wings! And yes they were all best to go with the Thai jasmine rice.

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Cutlery is very well-packed for hygiene purpose. That’s a great scene to see this especially for sensitive period like now.

baan ying bangkok (9)

Deep Fried Chicken Wings (130 baht)
Tiny bite size chicken wings, deep fried to perfection and must must must have it with its dipping sauce.

baan ying bangkok (2)

Mixed Seafood Tom-Yum Soup (235 baht)
How could we not have a tom yum in Thai restaurant?! This huge pot, at this price; and dosed with lots seafood! We were hooked on this, spicy kick yet sourish to boost appetite!

baan ying bangkok (4)


baan ying bangkok (8)

Stir-fried Cowslip Creeper with Glass Noodles (160 baht)
Hunting cowslip creeper whenever we are in Thailand. They are doing really good with cowslip creeper especially stir frying them. Baan Ying’s version has a distinctive flavour in it, but we couldn’t figure out what’s that ingredient.

baan ying bangkok (6)

Fluffy Pot Omelette with Crab Meat (320 baht)

baan ying bangkok (10)

With big chucks of crabs meat in the fluffy crispy omelette, very aromatic and flavourful!

baan ying bangkok (5)

Creamy Thai Red Pork Curry (155 baht)
Creamy and rich gravy with tender pork slices!

baan ying bangkok (11)

Stir-fried Morning Glory (140 baht)
I wonder why there weren’t any leaves but only stems; but then it was filled with wok hei!

baan ying bangkok (12)

Pad-Thai with Shrimps (155 baht)
This was our least favourite dish when comparing with the other dishes. We are not a big fan of Pad Thai due to its sweetness.

baan ying bangkok (13)

Baan Ying Cafe & Meal (Siam Center)
4/F, Siam Center,
Rama 1 Rd., Bangkok

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