The Busiest Floating Market – Damnoen Saduak

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Bangkok is not just well-known for the congested traffic (on the road) during the peak hours, but also another type of transportation that gives the hectic jam (in the canal); Yes… the canal that full with boats.


Located about 100km southwest away from Bangkok, there is this most famous floating market – Damnoen Saduak Floating market in Ratchaburi Province. On the way back to Bangkok (from Hua Hin), we had this little small sight-seeing activity here.



Boarding up onto the “speed” boat and be ready to get tan if you are taking the most front seat.
The boat itself can accommodate 4 passengers; it costs us about 3600 baht for a boat after negotiating with them. Our boat took us to a few stops – temple, main attraction of the floating market, and finally, a souvenir-shopping-centre.


If you wish to save on the boat fare, you could always check out this type of manual boat.


or this that can fit more than 4 passengers…



Along the journey…



One get to see the Houses by the canals; their way of living…


First stop, stopped by at this temple, prayed and headed for a bowl of hot piping kuey teow nearby the temple.



Priced at 20 baht. Brimmed with lots if ingredients.


and then there we were…





Countless merchants paddled along the congested canals with their canoes laden with fresh fruits and vegetables; food, spices and souvenirs; selling to the customers on the bank or on the boats/canoes.


The way to make purchase from the bank.


Of course, you could bargain but don’t expect to get the price down a lot (especially on the souvenirs).


The sexy beast


Moving to the souvenir-shopping-centre, the tourists get to check out the coconut candy making process and have a hands-on experience on it.






Lots of souvenirs to choose from but i ended up with empty-hand 😛



Damnoen Saduak Floating Market
To get here: travel from Bangkok via Thonburi Paktoh Highway to Samut Songkhram Town, follow the sign to Damnoen Saduak (Highway No. 325)

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13 thoughts on “The Busiest Floating Market – Damnoen Saduak”

  • To be fair it is not the busiest market in the world. Chatuchak is busier than this.

    This is a unique floating market in Bangkok and it best to be promoted that way.


  • Ai Wei…since you mentioned its 100km away from Bangkok…quite far though, do you think this floating market worth to go? Cos I’ll be going BKK this week =)

    • hi melissa, i think it’s about less than an hour drive journey from bangkok. i would say, if you love to experience their life and culture, yes, it worth dropping by here. 🙂

  • Dear Ai Wei,

    I am not sure the boat trip really worth 3,600 bath.

    We negotiated for a shorter trip as we did not want to stop at the various spots such as the temples, fish farm etc. Just want to experience the boat ride and let the children see the market (7 of us).

    We paid for 2,500bath for less than an hour ride.

    We chartered a van from Bangkok to the floating market. More than an hour.

    The van is reasonable, priced at 1800 bath including two temples tour, Grand Palace and What Po.

    It was a day’s private journey without a guide. From 10.00 am to 5.00pm.

    Only the weather is just too hot for any walking at the temples.


  • Ai Wei,
    I will be going to Hua Hin Beach from BKK in my next trip. How much will it cost to hire a van from Hua Hin to Damnoen Saduak (floating Market) for a day trip and who do you recommend. How long did it take you? I do not want additional tour to “Tiger Valley” in Kanchanaburi, River Kwai or “Elephant Ride” cos I have been there early this year.
    By the way any good reasonable seaside (beachfront) hotel in Hua Hin or Chaam to recommend? Appreciate your assistance.

    • Hi Steven,

      If I am not mistaken, our van service is about Rm 300+ per day without petrol. which can fit 9-10 passengers. however, i do not have the contact number for the van service as the booking was done by my relative’s friend. it took us about 1.30 hours from Hua Hin to Damnoen Saduak.

      as for the hotel, can try the agoda? simple type cha’am beach and i think there are a lot popping out. Marriott, which is where i was staying, was superb too! you can check it out 🙂

  • I went to this sightseeing tour recently.v got conned by the ticket counter…They chrg us 1500 baht per person…n the boat operator (boat no 14) doesn’t let us go walking to the selling n eating places at all even though v requested it…The boat operator also not friendly n drive d boat very fast…not tolerant to the old ppl in the boat as let them out at d high embankment for toilet us to go faster wen we r feeding food to the fish…I nvr tht the operator can let this happen here…cheating old ppl money…hope ppl will not get conned by this operator again…got complain but they din understand us or pretend to b stupid…v feel not satisfied n disappointed tht this ppl will do such thing to d tourists.

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