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The Never Ending Summer

About 10 minutes’ walk from ICONSIAM, located near the Chao Phraya river, also close to The Jam Factory, The Never Ending Summer Restaurant is a chic looking restaurant that is placed inside a refurbished warehouse. The interior is chicly dressed up, with rising high ceilings and modern furnishing, also there is a huge open kitchen that allows you to observe the chef cooking in action.

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The surrounding environment here is very heart-wowing. Rustic-looking with lush green environment.

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Cosy ambience and every corner is quite instagrammable.

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One may think with this kind of modern interior, the restaurant may serve food like western or fusion cuisine, but nope, The Never Ending Summer serves Thai fares that are prettily plated and lip smacking good, with dishes made out from authentic Thai recipe that passed on from generation to generation.

Well, not all the dishes we had that day were awesomely great; there were some hits and misses on the food we ordered.

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Water with Thai Herbal Extract (35 bath)
With ICE please!!! Because the walk from ICONSIAM was quite a no-no even though it was just a 10 minutes’ walk, we experienced the hottest day of the month in June. Naturally coloured in pastel pink, beautiful isn’t it?!

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Watermelon Mojito
Another thirst-quencher.

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Miang Kam
Wanted to have the Miang Bua Luang (Fresh lotus with condiments) but it was not available. Hence we went for Mieng Kam which is equally beautiful. The version here was nicely arranged, beautifully plated and its betel leaves was nicely assembled into cone shape so that we could just easily scope the condiments into the cone-shaped betel leaf and enjoy it at a more convenient ease. Sweet, savoury and a kick of spiciness; layering with multilayer textures of condiments, aromatic and crunchy.

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Pla Hang Tang Mo (250 baht)
Watermelon balls topped with fluffy fish and sugar
A summer appetizer that I like most! My first experience was in Paste Bangkok , and I was hooked! This seems to be a much simpler version but happy to see the watermelon was nicely scooped into sphere shape, plated beautifully. Just garnish the fish floss, sugar and fried shallots mix onto the watermelon, it turns into the sweet juicy and savoury snack. Yum!

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Som Tum Thai (180 baht)
Original papaya salad
Classic Thai salad, simply refreshing. We wished for a more sourish and more ohmp version, but sadly it was not. So then we ordered hotel’s room service that midnight to satisfy on our in-search-of-good-som-tum’s craving (will show you on it next time).

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Kai Jiao Mu Sub (180 baht)
Minced pork in flat omelet
This dish has got nothing to shout out about. The flavour on this omelet was a bit flat, texture wise it was not fluffy enough.

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Kor Mu Yang (540 baht)
Grilled pork jowl with sweet and salty sauce
Juicy and meaty pork jowl, grilled into perfection. Must pair it with its dipping sauce as the grilled pork itself has no seasoning on it.

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Riceberry (45 baht)
First time came across riceberry! A rice variety that is cross-breed from the local non-glutinous purple rice and a type of jasmine rice, nutritious and packed with high antioxidants. Less starchy in flavours too! Quite a new rice texture to me!

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Thanks to my foodie friend, CK who brought us here! Had a great lunch and great chat, and again, we meet up in foreign country but not our home country. LOL.

The Never Ending Summer
41/5 Charoen Nakorn Road,
Bangkok, Thailand
Opens daily from 11am to 11pm
Tel: +66 61 641 6952

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