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Before the year 2019 comes to an end, I gotta pen this down; one of my best meals in this year would be this meal in Bangkok, back then in September. Thanks to my friend CK for taking me on this gastronomic journey. It was truly and eye-opening experience, as well as a great experience to my tastebuds and tummy too! And I was brought to Sra Bua.

Sra Bua by Kiin Kiin

Located inside the Siam Kempinski Hotel, Sra Bua is a One Michelin Star restaurant that serves modern Thai cuisine with Thai-inspired dishes that are made in an impressive way.

sra bua (2)

I like the way how Sra Bua is decorated, it is classy; touches with very soft dim lighting to create a soothing calm ambience. There are lotus ponds in the middle of the restaurant, and Sra Bua means lotus pond in Thai. Another thing, I am truly impressed with the servers’ uniform, such elegant and detailed.

sra bua (50)

sra bua (21)

sra bua (47)

sra bua (46)

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In conjunction with the Siam Kempinski Hotel’s 9th Anniversary, we were presented with this 9-course dinner menu which is priced at 4500 baht. Every dishes of theirs is a piece of art, be prepared to be blown away with the presentation; the dishes are not only delicious but creative in a way too.

sra bua (45)

Once entered, we were ushered to the lounge area and started off with some nibbles of Thai Snack and Street Food; and I had mine with a glass of champagne. I will let most of the photos to do the talking as I didn’t really catch up the names of the Snacks (result of too chatty with my friend and they serve kinda fast. Ops)

sra bua (3)

Welcome drink

sra bua (5)

sra bua (6)

sra bua (7)

Cashew Meringue with Wasabi Cream
Cashew Meringues were magically appeared after a few swirls inside the bowl filled with ; to go with the wasabi cream.

sra bua (8)

sra bua (9)

Cashew nuts pop in a transparent pouch, and that transparent “plastic” can be eaten!

sra bua (12)

Laksa bowl with oyster on the shell and underneath was the tom yum soup. We had to drink the soup through the straw provided.

sra bua (13)

sra bua (11)

Pork crackling with the eggplant with a hint of spiciness, so in love with this snack!

sra bua (14)

Connecto Ice Cream

sra bua (15)

sra bua (16)

Thai coconut Pancake with caviar and chopped spring onions

sra bua (18)

Mieng Kham!!!
Betel leaf wrapped with a blend of dried shrimps, peanuts, roast coconut, ginger, shallot, the special ingredients – pineapple and passion fruit with mieng kham sauce. Love it!

sra bua (17)

sra bua (19)

sra bua (20)

sra bua (22)

Something something (a failed foodie here) with fried lotus root chips served in a beautiful white lotus flower floating in a vase.

After the round of snack at the lounge, we were then ushered to our dining table. It is then the time to have some fun.

sra bua (26)

Tom Klong Soup, Grilled Lobster Head, Ginger, Lime, Prawn Cracker Aioli
We were served with the sour and spicy Tom Klong Soup. What we need to do was to eject the syringe of “noodles” into the soup, and had it with the prawn cracker aloli. I too, polished clean the grilled lobster head. Delish!

sra bua (23)

sra bua (25)

sra bua (24)

sra bua (28)

Salad Apple, Mint, Crispy Scale Seabass
The seabass was succulent with its scale fried into crunchy crisp. A drizzle of sauce which was made of special sauce with passion fruit, added with chilli (according to diners’ preference) and garlic; by the served pounded the sauce in front of the diner; melted the cotton candy and crispy white rice were there for added crunchy texture. Simply refreshing.

sra bua (27)

sra bua (29)

sra bua (30)

sra bua (31)

Hokkaido Scallop, Salt-Baked Carrot, Carrots-Orange, Young Ginger Sauce

sra bua (32)

Tom Kha with Baby Corn, Chanterelles Mushroom
Tom Kha is a kind of Thai coconut soup that is a kind of sourish hot soup with coconut milk in it. For this dish, the server poured the clear soup over the dishes and made the creamy nitrogenized coconut milk and dressed them over the soup dish to recreate tom kha in an attention-grabbing way!

sra bua (33)

Foie Gras with Ginger, Plum Wine
First time trying out foie gras in this sweet and rich flavour; it reminded us of the Chinese style pork trotter in black vinegar. Interesting and the foie gras melted right on the palate. Yum!

sra bua (34)

sra bua (35)

Maine Lobster Salad, Frozen Red Curry
At this point, we were already very stuff but couldn’t resist this creamy red curry in semi solid instead of liquid to go with the big fat juicy lobster!

sra bua (38)

sra bua (40)

Wagyu Beef with Soy Sesame Butter, Baked Rice with Five Spice
The prettily marbled beef slices were tender and juicy, with its juice and fats running round the oral cavity, it was so wow. Paired with the buttery baked rice which was savoury and aromatic with the five spice flavour. By this time I was super full, but there is always room for desserts!

sra bua (39)

sra bua (41)

sra bua (43)

Passion Fruit Sorbet, Orange Foam, Kumquat
Smashed open the sphere to find the delightful sourish refreshing dessert to cut off the leftover grease in the mouth.

sra bua (42)

sra bua (44)

Banana Cake, Salted Ice Cream, Caramelised Milk
Another sweet ending to end our meal! Love that salted ice cream!

sra bua (1)

Awesome meal, happy tummy, happy me.

Sra Bua by Kiin Kiin
Siam Kempinski Hotel Bangkok,
Rama 1 Road 991/9, 10330, Bangkok Thailand
Opens daily:
Lunch: 12pm – 3pm (last order at 2pm)
Dinner:6pm 11pm (last order at 10pm)

For more information and reservations, kindly contact:
Tel: +66(0) 2 162 9000

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