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APW is one of the favourite hangout spots with my friends. I like its chill and trendy vibe over here, filled with Kaiju Company, Breakfast Thieves, Proof Pizza + Wine, Folio, Pulp and many more. I have not tried out all of them but Pulp, Folio and …

Kaiju Company

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With a 30-metre long origami dragon hung high up on the ceiling and will shine majestically after the dark, this Kaiju Company is a charming restaurant serving innovative fusion of Thai and Japanese cuisines where you may find wows in them.

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The dining area itself has a fuse of Japanese and Thai style too. Just look at the bar counter, Japanese-looking bar dining area matching with Thai-ish style stool-chair. How cute!

kaiju company (24)

kaiju company (19)

kaiju company (18)

What’s more?! I just find the whole place is pretty instagrammable.

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On the NYE 2019, I had my girls over here for lunch; together we celebrated the final day of the year!

kaiju company (12)

kaiju company (9)

And this Beef Katsu Sandwich (Rm 28) was one that drew us over.
Medium cooked beef striploin, bread panko, mixed greens, fries and served with curry sauce.
The bread was fragrant and buttery, sandwiched with the medium cooked beef that was beautifully fried. It is pretty value for money though the beef striploin had a mild chewiness to our liking.

Miso Soup was not the usual miso soup; it came with a hint of spiciness! Quite spicy if you accidentally bite the chili padi. Lunch set is quite a deal; available from Tuesday to Friday, 12pm to 2.30pm. It comes with a mini salad and Japanese Sencha.

kaiju company (11)

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Gyu-Tan Rice Bowl (Rm 30)
Fluffy white rice topped with New Zealand beef tongue, namtuk, chili padi, nori, onsen egg, fried garlic and served with miso soup. A mix of everything creating a wow effect! Love it! We wished there were more beef tongue “juice” in the rice. LOL.

kaiju company (14)

kaiju company (5)

Kaiju Nachos (Rm 22)
Spiced minced chicken, nacho, avocado mousse, garlic sauce
We loved that spiced minced chicken dips! Addictive max! Really have to recreate this dish at home and to go with nachos! 2

kaiju company (3)

Also, we cooled ourselves with these highballs because it was pretty hot here during lunch hour, that’s because of the hot weather and all the floor to ceiling glasses which allowed beautiful photos.

kaiju company (7)

Floral Kakubin (Rm 30)
Kakubin Japanese Whiskey, elderflower, soda, rosemary

kaiju company (8)

Passionfruit Kakubin (Rm 30)
Japanese Whiskey, passionfruit, soda

kaiju company (6)

Blackcurrant Kakubin (rm 30)
Japanese whiskey, blackcurrant, soda, ginger ale


Here are also some dishes I had during the first time (Feb 2019) of my visit which may have removed from the menu. I truly love the uniqueness of the Umami Bombs, such a beautiful and delicious appetizer to start along with a drink.

kaiju company (25)

Umami Bombs (Rm 32)
Tuna tartare coated with tom yam mayo and sesame seeds, crispy nori topped with tobikko and lime.

kaiju company (27)

kaiju company (26)

Kaiju Ikan Bakar (Rm 24)
Grilled mackerel fish with mango salad and manow sauce

kaiju company (1)

Seafood Manow Nabe (Rm 30)
Salmon, squid, prawn, tofu, mussels, vege with spicy manow sauces.

kaiju company (29)

Ultraman Seafood Spagetti (Rm 32)
With prawn, squid, egg, mussels with manow sauce.

kaiju company (22)

Sake Assam Boi (Rm 24)
Sake, honey plum, 7-up, chili

Kaiju Company
APW Bangsar, Art Paper Work,
29, Jalan Riong,
59100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2788 3796
Opening hours:
Tues to Sun: 12pm to 2.30pm; 6pm to 10.30pm
Closed on Mondays

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