Wondermama; Oh-So-Wonderful

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Old-school decors




Games we used to play during the kids time


Old fashioned calendar…


You could found all of them in Wondermama Restaurant & Café


Located in Bangsar Village 1, Wondermama is another quirky café with familiar decors that offers Asian delights with adventurous twist. One could say their offerings are very Malaysian, but slightly towards the east; fused with Japanese flavours.


Black sesame (rm 5.50)
Make sure you have it while it is still hot/warm, or else, it will coagulate when it is left for a while


Macha Latte (rm 7)
Lightly fragrant with green tea


Pomelo Tea (rm 5.80)
A warm soothing drink; very citrus-y with the additional of squeeze lemon


Chicken Katsu Burger (rm 13.80)
Deep fried breaded chicken with tomato, cucumber, lettuce, tartar sauce, tonkatsu sauce sandwiched in between buns. You can always add some burger toppings listed in the menu, some of them are free of charge (ie; chilli padi, sesame sauce, satay sauce…) I had mine done with fried garlic and sesame sauce. Almost wanted with add in satay sauce as well, but it might be a huge clash to go with sesame sauce? Maybe I should try it out next time.


Kimchi Sliced Beef Burger (rm 15.80)
Juicy beef slices with tomato, cucumber, lettuce, kimchi and served with homemade spicy sauce. Tall and fat which is fit for a lady’s tummy.


All burgers are served with sautéed mushroom and choice of fries or potato salad.


Special Seafood Maggi Mee Goreng (rm 14.90)
Served with sotong, salmon, prawn, egg, mixed vegetables, onion and tossed with special homemade spicy sauce. It was oh-so-mamak-ly but a luxury type of maggi mee goreng. And it was quite an addictive one.



Wondermama is a new hang out place that worth visiting. Cheerful café with offerings that fused brilliantly.

G6, Bangsar Village 1,
Jalan Telawi 1,
Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 603 2284 9821
Business hours : Mon – Sun; from 08:30-22:30

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