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Baristart Coffee has been in my list to visit for the longest time, if I get a chance to visit Sapporo, I will definitely make a visit, every day to try out their latte made with milk from several regions of Hokkaido, to find out my favourite pick of milk that varies depending on the level of richness.

Haven’t got a chance yet due to travel restriction but…

Yes this Hokkaido-born Coffee is now opened in KL!

baristart coffee (14)

Baristart Coffee

Located inside Bangsar Shopping Center, Baristart Coffee is the place for those who love their white coffee very creamy and rich. They use Hokkaido Biei Jersey milk that has very high in butterfat content to create their creamy smooth coffee. Of course they serve black coffee too for those who fancy just black.

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Aside from coffee, you may find a lot of milk infused delicacies such as cream puffs, soft serves, and affogato. Hot dishes are available such as sando made of shokupan, the fluffy thick spongy white sliced bread stuffed with tamago mayo, kani, chicken katsu or beef; and hot snack such as corn fritters, karaage and fries.

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Flat White (Rm 18)
First sip, it was very rich, very velvety smooth that made me hmmmm… humming all the way. The texture of this dose is something I never had before in KL. Smooth and aromatic. Yes price is on the steeper side but that’s the price to pay for a good latte with super rich milk texture from Hokkaido. Perhaps for the once a while splurge.

baristart coffee (8)

baristart coffee (2)

Iced Latte (Rm 18)

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Chicken Katsu Sando (Rm 18)
Fried chicken breast coated in breadcrumb and katsu sauce, layered with cabbage and sandwiched in between the fluffy homemade bread; served alongside with French fries and Gherkin. The bread was very milky and fluffy while the fried chicken breast was quite tender!

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My visit was on end of May when they were just newly opened. Hence, menu and price may have changed after some times. Get to know from a friend’s experience that her katsu sando was priced at Rm 28 and served with greens instead of fries, just recently.

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Kani Kamaboko Tobiko Sando (Rm 21)
Shredded crab stick with cucumber cabbage and lettuce tossed in Japanese mayo dressing, sandwiched in between the thick fluffy white bread; served along with house salad and fries. I am glad both the food orders were pretty good with great portion and compatible very well with our milk coffee.

baristart coffee (7)

baristart coffee (5)

baristart coffee (12)

Soft Cream (RM 9)
Made with the Hokkaido Biei Jersey milk!!! This is the must have! Milky, creamy and rich; you will feel like moo-ing all the way. LOL.

Tummy had no extra space for their famous cream puff. Perhaps next time or till when the texture of the cream can be more semi solid looking. I read on some reviews and a few said the cream is more watery.

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Baristart Coffee
Lot G133A, Ground Floor Bangsar Shopping Centre,
Bangsar, 59000 Kuala Lumpur
Opens daily from 8am to 10pm

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