DR.Inc @ Jalan Kemuja, Bangsar

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Is it Dr. Inc… or… Drink???


Together with the crazy bunch of coffee-kaki kampungboycitygal, we explored round KL for the Sunday café-hopping session. Café-hopping is always in our to-do list… until one Sunday, we decided to head out and coffee! and this is just the Part 1…

DR. Inc


An al-fresco little café that fallen at a peaceful street in Bangsar. With very humble looking shopfront but coloured with arty furniture and wall paints; vintage floor tiles, long wooden tables and chairs as well as a trees inside the café. Also, it serves as a hideaway café that is surrounded by very unique artwork, handicrafts and knick-knacks (which are for sales).







DR. Inc serves really interesting brew of caffeinated drink and these have marked as their signature; such as Fat Americano (the espresso + coke), Presso Bomb (espresso + ice cream soda), Magic (double espresso flat white) and Che Guevara. Aside from drinks and some light pastries, they serve some hot food too.


Flat White


Gingerbread Latte carries a light gingerbread taste in the coffee and ended with a soft hint of sugary aftertaste. Very comforting, as though celebrating Christmas in a four-season country.


Che Guevara (Rm 14)
The concoction of two espresso withr the ice and served with lemon wedges and dashes of sugar that stick on the edge of the coffee cup. We were asked to take a short sip without adding the lemon in first, and then taste it again after adding in the lemon juice. The coffee itself has got no acidic taste, with the help of lemon juice; it creates a different flavour to the coffee. This cup of drink also meant to enjoy it at a slow and relax pace. Do allow the ice to melt and slowly sipping it while enjoying the lovely peaceful environment of the premise.


Muffin to go with the coffee


Have you had your cuppa yet?


DR. Inc
8, Jalan Kemuja,
Kuala Lumpur.
(Tucked in between Fierce Curry House & Straits Food Company)
Business hour:
Mon – Fri – 8am to 7pm
Sat & Sun – 9am to 7pm

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