Eat Me @ Jalan Telawi, Bangsar

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Pastel pink, blue and white.
So vintage, so sweet, so pastel.
And there are bunnies hopping around too…


Eat Me


A place that is specially catered for desserts lovers. . SAM_0603

Located in this fancy dessert neighbourhood at Jalan Telawi, taking up half lot of shop; this quaint cosy artisanal dessert house serves elegant and fancy desserts that are freshly prepared daily with the finest ingredients. The desserts they serve are not something ordinary but very creative and filled with lovely and colourful elements.


Eat Me, is also belonged to the lovely lady, Joey; who is also the owner of KGB next door. I was told that Eat Me only open up for business after the long R&D process. So if you are having KGB as snack or dinner, you can always hop over to Eat Me for some sweet ending before calling it a day. SAM_0602


Flat White (Rm 9.5)


Latte (Rm 9.5)


Dark Chocolate


Serendipity(Rm 11.5) Iced Double Belgian chocolate with milk



Churros (Rm 13.5)
Signature golden fried churros served with your choice of Belgian Dark, milk, white chocolate or salted caramel. We had ours with homemade salted caramel and sprinkled on with cinnamon too. Love this yummy crunchy hot ang moh dough fritter; crunchy on the outside and warm fluffy on the inside. It was pretty addictive. Do allow 15 minutes of preparation time.

20150419_210506. 20150419_210539


Shibuya Honey Bunch (Rm 16.3) Japanese light and crusty thicktoast topped with honey, ice cream and conflake milk clusters. Not the version of After You in Bangkok but this is their very own version after the long R&D process. Must have!!!



Eat Me Split (Rm 18.9)
The ultimate banana split!
French vanilla, fresh strawberry and dark chocolate ice cream topped with salted caramel, popcorn, Belgian fudge, shortcakes and more! Fans of ice cream surely will love this. Classic banana split which was beautiful and richly flavoured. The chocolate ice cream was rich and intense and the strawberry one was mild sourish yet refreshing.

SAM_0580. SAM_0585

Hot Fudge Pancakes (Rm 16.9)
Chocolate pancakes served with Belgian fudge. Thick, creamy and rich chocolate sauce generously drenched over the hot chocolate pancake. Most important, it was not cloyingly sweet but with a bitter aftertaste. Yummmmm!


Can’t wait to try out the other desserts such as Le Chempedak, the elegant Sydney’s Star and Japanese Ice Tarts. Fans of durians should go for their Belgian Musang as I heard it is pretty good.

Dessert date next, who is up for it???! Date me!!! But not with the Belgian Musang, okay?

Eat Me
23, Jalan Telawi 2,
Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur.
Located just beside Killer Gourmet Burgers (KGB)
Opening hours:
Mon, Wed & Thursday: 2pm to 11pm
Fri – Sunday: 2pm to 12 midnight

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